Episode 1: When our excellent support service overwhelms our clients.


Co-founder: Tank Society

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Jonathan Holdsworth, co-founder of Tank Society, placed his trust on WCFM Marketplace and is proud of his decision. Here’s what he has to say about his marketplace journey and how WCFM Marketplace helped him realize his dreams!


Brief Introduction
Hi, there! My name is John. I’m co-founder of Tank Society – a website with the mission of bringing pet trading into the 21st century.

Our Startup Story
I’ve always loved animals, ever since I was young. And, as I grew up, I developed a passion for IT. I feel like this website was a perfect opportunity for me to merge those two passions together.
Our Biggest Challenge
The biggest challenge when completing a website is picking an honest and reliable technology partner.

How we found WCFM?
Initially, we chose a very expensive product and our partner turned out to be quite rigid in what they were willing to help us with. This was a very poor decision and cost us over a year in lost development time.

What was WCFM’s Role?
By working closely with WCFM, we’ve been able to customize our products and get the website we need to serve our customers.

Why we recommend WCFM?
WCFM was recommended by another developer who’s in the exact same situation where we were. He mentioned how feature-rich and well supported WCFM was and, after a quick look, it was a no-brainer! We installed the free trial and, within a couple of hours, we bought the full version.

Final Thoughts
Finally, I’d like to thank WCFM for all the free of charge support they’ve given us over the last few months. It’s very rare to find a technology partner that’s so willing and so capable of supporting their products. That alone is a good enough reason to swap to WCFM and I recommend you to give it a try!

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