[wcfm_stores search_category="46"] doesn't show VENDOR LIST but PRODUCTS

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Multi Vendor Marketplace Plugin | WCFM Marketplace Forums WCFM – Feature Request [wcfm_stores search_category="46"] doesn't show VENDOR LIST but PRODUCTS

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      I created a STORE LIST PAGE using shortcode [wcfm_stores search_category=”46″]

      I want this page to show ONLY the VENDORS that sell products from the category 46.

      I have used this page to find the shortcodes: https://docs.wclovers.com/store-list/. On the page it is written: search_category -> may specify one or multiple category ids (comma separated) and hence only stores associated with those categories will be listed.

      “only STORES asociated with those CATEGORIES will be listed”

      1. Why my page shows the PRODUCTS and not the vendors selling products from this category?
      2. How then can I associated STORES with CATEGORIES?

      Thank you,

    • #124710


      Possibly it’s because of mistype the quotation.
      Please write this [wcfm_stores search_category="46"]

      Please check again and confirm.


    • #124996


      Thank you but it wasn’t this. I copy pasted your shortcode but nothing changes.

    • #125153


      After using this [wcfm_stores search_category="46"] shortcode does this page displays PRODUCTS from 46 category instead of stores/vendors ??
      If this is the scenario, then it should not happen, please share your ste access with site url. We need to check your site.


    • #125460
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    • #125474


      Yes we can see your website, and the link has not expired. please provide us the page link which contain this [wcfm_stores search_category="46"] shortcode.
      And please confirm is there any custom coding in your site or not?


    • #125796


      Thank you for your reply. Meanwhile I deleted all plugins and started again and it works now.

      I have another question: is it possible on the page STORE LIST to display the Vendors with a snapcho of their products already?

      I have attached a screenshot as an example of what I’m tryin to achieve. Is there a shortcode for it?

      Thank you!!!

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    • #125952


      Sorry, but unfortunately we don’t have any shortcode for this.
      This is not possible using any small code snippet.
      It requires custom development, and this will be a paid one.
      If you are interested then please contact us here –https://wclovers.com/woocommerce-multivendor-customization/ with requirement.

      Thank You

Viewing 7 reply threads
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