WCFM Marketplace – Withdrawal

Commission disbursal is one of the most important part of any multi-vendor site.

WCFM Marketplace allow commission disbursal only by withdrawal mode.

Vendor has to request for payment, admin may auto-approve those request or manually approve.

Setup overall store withdrawal setting from WCfM Dashboard -> Setting -> Withdrawal Setting

You may set whether withdrawal requests will be “Auto-approve” or admin has manually approve those!

You may generate withdrawal request automatically when order status reach at certain status. Hence your vendors don’t have to place withdrawal request manually.

Withdrawal payment options –

  • PayPal
  • Stripe
  • Stripe Split Pay
  • Skrill
  • Bank Transfer
  • Cash Pay

Only enable methods will be available to vendors for setup their payment option.

Skrill and Bank Transfer are manual payment option, admin has to pay vendors manually.

PayPal and Stripe are automatic payment options. You have to those API details here.

May enable “Test Mode” for testing payment payout.

You may create your own Payment Gateway as well, developer’s guide.

You may set allowed order status which are available for withdrawal.

You may disallow certain orders from withdrawal depending upon orders payment mode.

e.g., a order placed via “Cash on Delivery” and vendor will going to delivery that product and collect payment directly from customer. Now in such case withdrawal has no meaning.

You may set such payment methods and those commissions auto-withdrawal whenever order mark completed, no withdrawal request-approval required.

You may set a withdrawal limit for sending a withdraw request.

Vendor account should have this amount of balance before placing a withdrawal request.

You may also set a threshold time for an order to be available for withdraw.

This is very important when you have refund policies.

Withdrawal charges or commission pay gateway charges – now this is very much important now a days due to different laws in different countries.

WCFM Marketplace will going to give you most flexibility here as well, you may setup different charges for different payment options.

You may set different type of charges –

  • Percent
  • Fixed
  • Percent + Fixed

Charges Tax – most important part of withdrawal charge, you also set this separately for each gateway.

Beside global setting you may also configure withdrawal charges for each vendor individually as well.

Amount will be disburse after deducting withdrawal charges.

You may set certain withdrawal rules for each vendor as well.

You may set this from WCFM Dashboard -> Vendors -> Vendor Manage -> Store Setting -> Withdrawal Setup

You may enable “Vendor specific rule” option to set –

  • Auto-Approve request
  • Withdrawal Limit
  • Withdrawal Threshold
  • Withdrawal Charges

You may leave this as “By Global Rule” to apply default rule for this vendor as well.

Vendors may set their preferred payment option from setting -> payment

This is very important, without payment setup withdrawal will not process.

Vendors may check their withdrawal history from their dashboard ->Payments menu

They may filter by date range and also check approved/requested withdrawals separately.

“Withdraw” button is there to request a new withdrawal as well.

Withdrawal request page will listed available commissions, vendor may choose any of those and request for payment to vendor.

If “Auto-approve” mode is ON then request will be instantly processed and vendor will receive the payment.

If “Auto-Approve” is OFF then admin will see those requests under his Dashboard -> Withdrawal menu

Admin may “Approve” or “Reject” any request, off course may add a note for vendor as well.

Feel free to share any suggestion you have in mind!

Just to mention, this feature is only available with WCFM – Marketplace.