WooCommerce Frontend Manager – Ultimate


Enhance your Front-end Manager to the next level. More options, more filters, more reports – in one word a lots of more power in your hand and everything from live site front-end.

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WooCommerce Frontend Manager Ultimate

WooCommerce Frontend Manager is the smartest woocommerce frontend vendor store/shop manager. Experience the best ever WooCommerce Frontend Product Manager. Most featured Vendor Dashboard for WC Marketplace, WC Vendors, WooCommerce Product Vendors – most popular woocommerce multi vendor marketplace plugins. Along with WooCommerce Bookings, WooCommerce Appointments, WooCommerce Rental & Bookings SystemWooCommerce Subscription, ACF and Listings – WP Job Manager compatibility. Knowledgebase, Notification, Direct Messaging and PDF Invoice are some of the many colorful feathers of the wings.

You are going to experience a long list exclusive plugin integrations and most interestingly all this will even work for your multi-vendor store as well. None of these plugins or any of the multi-vendor plugins has support of these. Just relax, WCFM Ultimate will going to do all these for you.

Advance Product Options

WCFM Ultimate will going to make your product manager most powerful and feature enhanced front-end product editor ever. Let’s check advance features list –

  1. Advanced Product Types –
    • Accommodation
    • Appointment
    • Auction
    • Rental
    • Bookings
    • Variable Subscriptions
    • Listings
    • Job Package
    • Resume Package
  2. Downloadable product
  3. Product image gallery
  4. Variation image gallery
  5. Product sales price scheduling
  6. Product quick manage from catalog
  7. Variable product tax, stock and shipping manage
  8. Create variable product using existing attribute

Besides all these you also have some advanced product features –

  1. Product Importer
  2. Amazon S3 compatibility
  3. WP Hide & Security Enhancer compatible

Just to mention, if you want more complex product types like – Bundle Products, Composite Products, Chained Products then additionally you all have to WCFM – Product HUB.


WCFM Ultimate will going to offer you some exclusive plugin integrations which will help you to setup your store more easily and elegantly, off course from live site front-end.

  1. WC Product Addons
  2. Toolset Types
    • Custom product fields
    • Custom taxonomies
    • Additional profile fields
    • Advanced settings fields (only for Product Vendors users)
    • Product type wise field group visibility controller
  3. ACF Compatible
  4. Google Map (MapPress compatible) & Address Geocoder
  5. WooCommerce Per Product Shipping compatible
  6. WC Simple Auctions
    • Auctions Dashboard
  7. RnB –  WooCommerce Rental & Bookings System
    • Booking Calendar
    • Request for a Quote
  8. WooCommerce Appointments
    • Calendar view
    • Staff manager
    • Manual appointment
  9. YiTH Auctions Premium
    • Auctions dashboard
  10. WP Job Manager (Listings)

Exclusive Features

WCFM Ultimate will going to offer you some exclusive features which you will have no where –

  1. Bulk Stock Manager – now manage your all products stock at a single click
  2. Shipping Tracking
  3. Message Board – even work as vendor-admin chat board
  4. WCFM – WPML integration – create translated product live from site front-end
  5. Products for Listings – now create products and listings at the same time

Advance Order Options

  1. Order PDF invoice download (Admin & Vendor)
  2. Mark order as Shipped (by Vendor)
  3. Order status update
  4. Filter orders by date and commission status
  5. Order Note manage

Advance Bookings Options

  1. Booking Calendar
  2. Availability rules manage
  3. Pricing rules manage
  4. Person types
  5. Resource manage
  6. Manual Booking
  7. Manage bookings & mark as confirmed

Advance Report Options

  1. Sales report by product
  2. Coupon usage
  3. Low stock product
  4. Order filter by date and commission status
  5. Export as CSV
  6. Custom date filter

Miscellaneous Options

  1. Direct messaging system
  2. Product wise commission manage
  3. Screen Manager
  4. Coupon usage and user limit manage
  5. Product, Order, Bookings filter by status
  6. Product, Coupon, Order delete


All we want is love. We are extremely responsive about support requests – so if you face a problem or find any bugs, shoot us a mail or post it in the support forum, and we will respond within 6 hours. If you get the impulse to rate the plugin low because it is not working as it should, please do wait for our response because the root cause of the problem may be something else. All you need to do is to reach us either via our support forum or WordPress.org It is extremely disheartening when trigger happy users down-rate a plugin for no fault of the plugin.


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