WooCommerce Frontend Manager – Product HUB


Upgrade your Store Products to the next level and off-course from live site Front-end. Smartly and Elegantly.

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WooCommerce Frontend Manager Product HUB

WooCommerce Frontend Manager – Product HUB will going to give you the most easiest and elegant way to create most complex WooCommerce products and product components from live site frontend.

Bundle Products

Product bundling is one of the most effective marketing strategies around. Bundle a few products together, offer them at a discount, and watch your sales soar!

But bundling is not all about boosting sales. Product grouping is essential for creating product kits and assembled products built from multiple, inventory-managed components.

You also have to install WC Bundle Products for core features.

To more about Bundle Products check here.

Composite Product

Looking to create product kits made up of several, configurable components, such as custom computers, skateboards, gift-boxes, or made-to-order jewelry? Look no further!

You also have to install WC Composite Products for core features.

Yo know more about composite products check here.

Chained Products

Offering a bundle of your products at a lucrative discount is the easiest method to great sales in any store – and research has proven this across a variety of businesses – physical products, digital downloads or memberships.

We have all picked up discounted bundles of products when we go grocery shopping. Even when we don’t want them; we have either bought bigger quantities or multiple product bundles.

You also have to install WC Chained Products for core features.

To know more about chained products please check here.

Force Sells

The Force Sells extension allows you to link products together, so they are added to the cart together. This is useful for linking a service or required product to another.

For example, if you are selling iPad glass repair as a service, you can link a new glass window as a forced sell product.

You also have to install WC Force Sells for core features.

To know more about force sells please check here.

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