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Followed by four ZERO’s

It’s another milestone for us! And a treat for you, too! In a matter of few months, WCFM Marketplace has carved out a niche for itself in the sea of…

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WCFM Marketplace v/s Dokan Multivendor

Honest comparison, no bitching, no less biased! We have nothing against Dokan. They were the pioneers of WordPress based online marketplace solution and did great for the WP community. Though…

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woocommerce marketplace
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WooCommerce Multivendor Marketplace (WCfM Marketplace)

Woocommerce Multivendor Marketplace “There’s a miracle in every new beginning.” – Hermann Hesse You probably might think what does this have to do here.. We believe in continuous development for…

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Vendor Verification

Vendor Verification – the smart WCfM feature What happens when one of your sellers ship fake items to a customer? Would you want your site to have a bad name…

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How can I have Stripe plan id for recurring membership plan?

Stripe Subscription Plan ID for WCfM Membership WCfM Membership allows you to take payment from vendors subscription using Stripe connect very easily. If you are going to setup recurring subscription…

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WCFM Desktop Notification

WCFM Desktop like Notification Notification – one of the most important thing for any system. Specially if you are running a Bookings or Appointments site then you have to be…

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How to install WCFM Premium Addons

Download and install WCFM Addons It’s quite easy to install WCfM paid addons, is nothing but another separate WP Plugin, works as WCFM add-on. Please follow the below steps –…

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WooCommerce Frontend Manager – What and Why?

WooCommerce Frontend Manager Be it commodities or software, before using any product we think of two simple questions- WHAT IS IT? And WHY DO WE NEED IT? If you are…

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Location for your Products with WCFM

Associate location with your products In recent days Map – Google Map is very much essential to inform about your store/product location to your customers. This is almost a much required…

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WCFM Dashboard as your site template

WCFM dashboard to look alike your theme template As we all already know that WCFM totally works from only site front-end, no more wp-admin. Now each theme looks different and…

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WCFM endpoints into shortcode

Convert any WCFM endpoint into shortcode In many times you don’t want to give access to the whole WCFM Dashboard to your Vendors. But when you see WCFM only has…

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How can I have Bank Details for my Product Vendor users?

Additional settings option for Product Vendors First I want to mention that this article will helpful for only “WC Product Vendors” users. We all know that, Product Vendors only allow…

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Choose Your Best WooCommerce Multi Vendor Marketplace Plugin

CHOOSE YOUR BEST WOOCOMMERCE MULTI VENDOR MARKETPLACE PLUGIN 5 Best WooCommerce Multi Vendor Plugin WC Marketplace WC Vendors Pro Dokan Multivendor Marketplace WooCommerce Product Vendors WCFM Marketplace If you are…

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Why WooCommerce Frontend Manager – Ultimate?

Whenever we choose a product and see it’s Pro version – we become really confused!! A whole lots of questions coming into the mind – Is this a trap to…

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