We’re breaking up with WCMp! *sad face*

We’re breaking up with WCMp! *sad face*

We’re breaking up with WCMp! *sad face* 1024 683 WC Lovers

We feel bad about this but this was bound to happen. WCFM – Frontend Manager for WooCommerce will no longer support WC Marketplace (WCMp) plugin. Applicable for v3.4.0 and onward, WCMp will not be compatible with WCFM.

We had a tough time deciding on this sudden discontinuation of support but evidently, there are several reasons behind this conclusion.

Firstly, for the past one year, we have noticed only a handful of users using WCMp with WCFM – the number of support requests being less than 20! We do not know the exact reason behind this persistently declining number. The decreasing popularity of WCMp could be one as the plugin isn’t really making much progress feature-wise.

Secondly, the recent few versions of WCMp have made significant changes to its core structure without much of a new functionality. This requires some serious updates from our end as well. But again, the deteriorating demand is discouraging us from further working on the same. It seems futile to put such effort in a task which people wouldn’t use.

Additionally, our marketplace plugin, WCFM Marketplace, is visibly gaining more acceptance among new as well as existing WCFM users. A lot of users have even migrated from other solutions to WCFM Marketplace in the last one year! Therefore, our prime focus, from now on, would be to add more features to WCFM Marketplace and take over the spot of the best WooCommerce marketplace solution.

Keeping these factors in mind, we’ve decided to move on and remove our support for WCMp. We know that this could be a shocker for the existing users who are still using WCMp with WCFM and we deeply regret the inconvenience caused.

And although we aren’t “too good at goodbyes”, we would never want you to suffer for our course of action. To make sure that your business doesn’t get affected due to this decision, we are offering FREE migration to WCFM Marketplace along with one year free subscription to any of our premium plugins that you require to maintain the dynamics of your business.

To avail this offer, kindly contact us here.

Thanks for keeping your trust on WCFM.

N.B.- WCFM will continue its support for the following multivendor solutions as before:

  • Dokan Multivendor
  • WC Vendors Marketplace
  • Product Vendors – WooCommerce

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