Choose Your Best WooCommerce Multi Vendor Marketplace Plugin

Choose Your Best WooCommerce Multi Vendor Marketplace Plugin

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Woocommerce Frontend Manager Works With Most Popular Multi Vendor Marketplace Plugins

Our Woocomerce Frontend Manager tools give you more options and more control over your favorite Multi Vendor Marketplace
plugins. If you are considering your first Vendor Marketplace, we’ll discuss the more popular plugins below to provide helpful
information about how our
WCFM can greatly improve your marketplace manageability.

5 Best WooCommerce Multi Vendor Plugin

  1. WC Marketplace
  2. WC Vendors Pro
  3. Dokan Multivendor Marketplace
  4. WooCommerce Product Vendors
  5. WCFM + Multivendor

You may already be familiar with these Marketplace plugins and want to jump right into our Frontend Manager, you can do that by visiting the Features Comparison, our Features Summary and our Documentation to get started right away.

Multi Vendor Marketplace Plugins are robust with features, yet each Plugin offers so many variations with different ‘free’ and ‘paid’ versions that it can be very difficult to make an accurate comparison.

For those reasons, I was compelled to share my experience when I finally completed reviewing most of the overwhelming options. I’ve written a quick summary on why I was motivated to create a better solution.

Lets move on ...

WooCommerce Muti Vendor Marketplace plugins list is quite long but I consider only 4 of them here as they leave others behind by quite a long distance.

So first start with getting some brief idea about those plugins a bit –

WC Marketplace

This is the most newest in the list but in very short time it established it’s position among the tops. The only reason behind this is their long list of Features. Undoubtedly this is the most featured multi vendor plugin for WooCommerce.

I personally really love this plugin and only because it’s totally FREE. You will have full multi vendor core module at $0.

They also have a set of add-ons($320) but those are not that much essential.

WC Vendors Pro

WC Vendors and WC Vendors Pro are the most popular multi vendor plugin at this time.

Their free version is easy to use but really sort of features!!

But Pro ($149) version has good number of features though it creates some confusion as well. You will see lots of repetitive settings from WC Vendors and WC Vendors Pro.

I personally have a big complain against them – why they have kept Booking integration separate and you have to pay additional $59 for only Bookings!!!

Dokan Multivendor

One of the most oldest multi vendor solution for WooCommerce. Initially they are also really sort of features but now adopt lots of features from WC Vendors and WC Marketplace, but I must salute to their UI-UX.

Dokan also comes with Free and Pro concept. Actually, you can’t do anything with just their free version – not even approve your Vendors, so Pro($199) is always must.

But more pain to come, whenever you think for a feature have to install another add-on and those are enough costly. All add-ons total comes $400.

So you have to invest $199 + $400 = $599 for getting just the multi-vendor plugin, I personally think it’s really over priced.

WC Product Vendors

This is the multi vendor plugin from original author of WooCommerce, but they never take care of this – quite surprising for me!!!

Here you have to start with paid ($79), nothing is free.

It’s also really sort of features than other three but the only marketplace plugin where a seller may have multiple store.

Hope WooCommerce will improve this soon.

WCFM + Your Multivendor

While WCFM is in no way a multi vendor plugin, it is a powerful extension that is essential for managing your marketplace.
Enhance your multi vendor store and vendor set up while working comfortably and intuitively from the front of your site for free
Most importantly, you don’t have to install a separate Pro version to get all the features to begin taking control of your marketplace today.
We do offer additional Add-ons that are more specific in some areas , but you won’t find a more complete and feature rich core anywhere.

Now it's time for direct comparison -

 (Available)  (Non-available)   (Partial Available)

  • Vendor Dashboard
  • Frontend Product Manager
  • Frontend Order Manager
  • Individual Store
  • Earning Report
  • Sales Report
  • Shipping Manager
  • Coupon Manager
  • Withdrawal System
  • Store SEO
  • Analytics
  • Vendor Groups
  • Flexible Commission
  • Vendor Staffs
  • Seller Verification
  • Announcement
  • Notice Board
  • Knowledgebase
  • Single Product Multiple Seller
  • Single Seller Multiple Store
  • Direct Messaging
  • Vendor Review
  • Report Abuse
  • Social Profile
  • Back Ordering
  • Order Status
  • Email Notification
  • Booking
  • Appointment
  • Auction
  • Subscription
  • Tax Manager
  • StockManager
  • Custom Store URL
  • Category Manager
  • Toolset Support
  • MapPress Support
  • Store Contact Form
  • Per Product Shipping
  • Table Rate Shipping
  • Product Custom Field
  • Shop Managers
  • Store Ticket System
  • Dashboard Styling
  • Listings Support
  • Stock Manager
  • Enquiry Manager
  • License
  • Support
  • 1 Year
  • Life Time

  • 1 Year
  • 1 Year

  • 1 Year
  • 1 Year

  • 1 Year
  • 1 Year

  • 1 Year
  • 1 Year

Result Time

I have considered 45 most required features for any multi vendor marketplace store.

WC Marketplace
WC Vendors
Dokan Multivendor
WC Product Vendors

Now your decision time!!!

Hope this will helpful for you to decide your multi vendor plugin for your store. May you create the best marketplace!

I am trying to be 100% honest and transparent. Also considering pricing factor as I believe it’s really important for starting something new.

Still if you have any suggestion or complain then please share your thoughts in comment section.

Want to know more about WCFM, then go through this.

  • Ruth Mar 5, 18 at 6:19 am

    Hello, we added Wc Frontend Manager on our website, and it use to work very well but now it does not open.

    What should we do?

    • Bingal
      Bingal Mar 5, 18 at 8:07 am


      Possibly dashboard page deleted or setting reset somehow!
      Can you please check, wp-admin -> WCFM Options -> be sure dashboard page is set there and it has the desired short code “[wc_frontend_manager]”

      If you still can’t get it fixed then please contact us here –

      Thank You

  • amin Mar 21, 18 at 3:00 pm

    Hi Shiva!
    THat’s great ! thank you so much!
    Really i have been looked for a comparison between these plugins and also with Easy Digital Download , as youknow it is a another solution without WooCommerce and just for downloadable products. However you have done it for WooCommerce family and so useful.
    would you please do a comparison like this for themes also?

    • Bingal
      Bingal Mar 22, 18 at 9:51 pm

      Hi Amin,

      Thanks for your valuable feedback and appreciation.

      Yeah sure, I will do it in very near future.

      Thank You

      • amin Mar 25, 18 at 5:38 am

        Hi Bingal!
        please let me know downloadable product for admin and vendors I write some points below and you can correct my points:
        1- we can not make multi vendor website just only with WCFM . however WCFM needs another plugin like Dokan MarketPlace, WC Vendors and … to make a multi vendor website. we can not make our multi vendors website just only with WCFM. I did alot to make it but I couldnt and finally by add another multi vendors plugin ( WC vendors for example) i did it. there is no option for a visitor to be asa vendor on the site if we dont have additional plugins like wc vendors and the others.
        2- there is no option for free download( without go to cart I mean) . we have to add another plugin to make it.
        3-if we add a plugin for free download without cart process, it is just stay for site admin and the vendors could not use this plugin. I mean ther is no way to add free download without cart process for vendors.
        4- there isno way to add downloadable products for vendors in free download. downloadable feature is just for admin ,not vendors . the downloadable feature for product as you mentioned place in WCFM Ultimate I think

        • Bingal
          Bingal Mar 26, 18 at 8:26 pm


          1. WCFM is not at all a multi-vendor plugin, it’s front-end manager plugin. It allow you to do al those which you can do using WC from wp-admin area. Now when you install a multi-vendor plugin (e.g. WC Marketplace, Dokan etc …) it will start working as vendor dashboard as well.

          2. Downloadable product is part of WCFM Ultimate, but still you can setup FREE downloadable option using WCFM custom fields and catalog mode.

          Please open a topic at our forum for discussing all these in more depth –

          Thank You

  • amin Mar 25, 18 at 5:52 am

    I am really looking for a package of plugin inwhich I willbe able to make a multi vendors website so that:
    1- vendors can make profile (like WCFM , your dashboard is pretty nice!)
    2- vendors can add downloadable product.
    3- vendors can add free download product inwhich client can download those without cart process.
    4- admin can add downloadable and free download products.
    5- good registration and login for inwhich visitor can choice easily that option he/she wants,like just going to some free download, going to be as a vendor and create a store, or just going to buy some downloadable products and maybe write some comments or review.
    For some reasons I wonder if your plugin package can be suitable for me !
    please let me know if your package or any suggestion can be abale to do all of my request!
    thank you guys!

    • Bingal
      Bingal Mar 26, 18 at 8:21 pm


      First of all, just relax.

      You will have all these features and your vendors will have all the powers to do so using WCFM as well.

      Can you please just open a topic here with same queries –

      We will guide you personally to setup everything as per your requirement.

      Thank You

  • Shamina Roshni Apr 1, 18 at 5:08 am

    Hi there,

    Nice write-up you got here. Maybe your information is a bit old now. Here’s some latest update on Dokan Multivendor Marketplace.

    1. The price of Dokan Pro starts from $149 and has all the features that a multivendor marketplace requires.
    2. The free version also has minimalistic features that you need to run a simple marketplace.
    3. Dokan has earning reports in the pro version.
    4. There is vendor staff manager module and you can create unlimited staffs along with managing their capabilities.
    5. There is also a notice board in the vendor dashboard where you can view the announcements or so-called notices.
    6. Dokan also has single product multiple vendor modules.
    7. You can customize the style of your dashboard using colour scheme customizer.
    8. Direct messaging is possible via store support module.
    9. The booking, auction and subscription module are also available for your use in the pro packages.

    Hope this latest information will be helpful to you for updating your post.
    Thanks for the detailed comparison.


    • Bingal
      Bingal Apr 9, 18 at 7:50 pm

      Hi Roshni,

      Pleasure to have such cool appreciation.

      We are really great-full to you for providing Dokan’s latest updates.

      Please give us a bit time, we will check these once and then definitely update.

      Thanks again or your cooperation.


  • James Apr 9, 18 at 10:52 am

    You mention in your comparison chart WCFM+Multivendor – but what this plugin does and from where can I download it? Is WCFM+Multivendor a vendor plugin or what?


    • WCfM Forum
      WCfM Forum Apr 9, 18 at 4:25 pm


      Thanks for get in touch with us.

      Well, WCfM is not a multi-vendor plugin and you may download this from here –

      WCFM+Multivendor – here “Multivendor” means any of the WCfM compatible multi-vendor plugin.

      WCfM multi-vendor plugins are –

      1. WC Marketplace
      2. Dokan Lite & Pro
      3. WC Vendors & Pro
      4. WC Product Vendor

      You always recommended “WC Marketplace” as it’s totally FREE and most featured multi-vendor plugin.

      Please know me if you have any other queries.

      Thank You

  • Michael Largue Apr 11, 18 at 10:03 pm

    When you refer to WC Vendors, you always say WC Vendors & Pro. Does this mean…
    1. That it will work with WC Vendors (Free) on its own AND WC Vendors (Free) + WC Vendors Pro


    2. That it will only work with WC Vendors (Free) + WC Vendors Pro?


    • Bingal
      Bingal Apr 12, 18 at 11:37 pm


      WCfM works with both WC Vendors & WC Vendors Pro.

      If you don’t have WC Vendors Pro then you will miss few additional things which only offer by WC Vendors Pro. Things like –

      1. WC Vendors Shipping
      2. Flexible Commission setup
      3. Well structured vendor store page

      But WCfM will not stop you if you don’t have WC Vendor Pro.

      If you have any further queries regarding this then please option a topic here –

      Thank You

  • Pleccema Apr 16, 18 at 7:53 pm

    Another popular multi vendor plugin is Yith. How does that rate against the other ones?

    • Bingal
      Bingal Apr 21, 18 at 7:11 am


      Thanks for your query.

      Frankly, we didn’t considered that as this lagging behind from others in too many aspects.
      Also it has some serious bugs so people prefer to ignore that.

      We will try to do a review on this from our side and a section as well.

      Thank You

  • enrick Apr 19, 18 at 3:43 pm


    Thanks you for your plugin.

    I would like if in the fututre the WCFM will be comptible with Yith Multi-vendor.


    • Bingal
      Bingal Apr 21, 18 at 7:09 am


      Thanks for your query.

      Sorry to say that we don’t have any plan yet to make WCfM compatible with Yith Multi-vendor plugin.

      Thank You

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