WCFM – Toolset Types

WCFM - Toolset Types Integration

WCFM Product Manager already came up with all default WC fields but those are not enough for a more customize system. There are lots of plugins available for adding custom fields for WordPress post types and WC Products.

But we have choose “Toolset Types – Custom Post Types, Custom Fields and Taxonomies” – as it is the most featured, easy and user friendly. This single plugin will allowing you to create Custom Taxonomy and Fields for Products. You may even create custom fields for Users and other post types as well.

WCFM integrating Toolset Custom Product Fields, Taxonomies and User Fields till now !!

You can create different type of field groups, there is no limit. Just to remember, assign that field group with “Product” post type.

You can create field groups with all different type of fields, there is also no restriction.

If you have already  created Toolset product fields then you are done, don’t have to do any further settings or mappings for WCFM!!

Just go to WCFM Product Manager – you will see all your field groups and fields.

Note: WCFM is no way responsible for showing those custom fields in WC product templates, this will be completely depending upon your child theme template configuration.

You may create different type of Taxonomies for your store products as well using Toolset.

Just to remember, associate that taxonomy with “Product” post type.

You may create both types of Taxonomies for your store products –

  • Hierarchical
  • Flat

Both are supported by WCFM Product Manager.

If you have already created your product custom taxonomies then you are done.

WCFM is good enough to integrate those in Product Manager automatically, you have to just create your products.

WCFM profile manager already have all default WP profile fields but if you need something more then Toolset is there.

Create any number of custom user field groups.

You may use any field types to create your field groups.

Also have option to restrict that field group with some user roles.

All these are supported by WCFM, you have to just create your field groups as you wish!!

If you have already created your user custom fields then you are done.

WCFM is good enough to integrate those in Profile Manager automatically, you don’t have to do anything else.

Just to mention, this feature is only available for WCFM – Ultimate users.