WCFM – Groups & Staffs

WooCommerce Frontend Manager - Groups & Staffs

It will going to give you the most easiest and smartest way to control over your store Vendors, Managers and Staffs. You will even categorize your store vendors and may assign them different set of features. In one word, WCFM Groups & Staffs will turn your Multi-Vendor Marketplace into Multi-Vendor-Type Marketplace. Get it here.

Admin will have three new menu items on WCFM Dashboard – Groups, Managers & Staffs.

Browse Groups menu to view list of all groups your store have.

You may add a new group or edit any of the existing one.

Groups manager screen will have – Title, Description, Associated Vendor List, Managers & Custom Capability manager.

You may add new user to the group or may remove any existing user.

You can set totally different set of capabilities for each Vendor Groups.

A vendor or a manager can be associated with multiple groups, then they will have total set of capabilities from multiple groups.

You will have the power to assign different product types and categories to different groups beside all other capability controls.

Admin can also manage global capabilities for Shop managers and Shop Staffs.

You will have this under -> WCFM Admin Settings -> Capability

This can be over write as user level as well.

Browse Managers menu to view list of all managers your store have.

You may associate managers to one or more groups as well.

Admin can add any number of Manager for his store.

You can also set different capability rules for each managers.

Admin can add any number of Staff for his store.

Vendors also have power to create Staff for their own store only.

Capability controller also available at each Staff level.

Admin will have a new settings tab under their WCFM dashboard front-end setting page – Groups & Staffs.

You can set new Manager and Staff creation mail content.

Most importantly, here you will have a option “Group auto-assignment on Registration”.

If you enable this then a group selection dropdown will be automatically append to your site Vendor Registration form. On registration vendors will be auto-assign to the preferred group they have choose.

Just to mention, group auto-assignment on registration will only work for WC Marketplace and WC Product Vendors registration. Not for WC Vendors as it does not support separate registration form for Vendors.