WCFM – Admin Settings

WCfM Admin Settings

To manage WCfM Dashboard, go to Settings in WCFM Dashboard left menu.  A group of settings sections are there:

You can manage:

  • Dashboard basics
  • Style/color
  • Analytics
  • WCfM Page and end-points
  • Product type categories
  • Product custom fields

Additionally you will have “Capability” settings link at top right. For capability settings details check here.

Dashboard section will allow you to manage basic controls:

  • Dashboard logo
  • WC archive/catalog page to WCfM dashboard quick access icon
  • WC archive/catalog page to WCfM dashboard quick access disable/enable
  • WCfM left menu disable/enable
  • WCfM dashboard header panel disable/enable
  • WCfM Free version users can disable Ultimate notices

you can change WCfM dashboard colors to make it look like your site appearance:

  • Menu Background Color
  • Primary Background Color
  • Primary Font Color
  • Secondary Background Color
  • Secondary Font Color

you can change WCfM dashboard page end-points slug:

  • You can set any page as WCfM dashboard, no restriction with “Title” and “Slug”. But that page content should contain “wc_frontend_manager” short-code.
  • You are also allowed to change any WCfM end-point slugs as your own choice.

Just to mention, this feature is only available for WCFM – Ultimate users.

This is something you have thought before but never have in practical.

Just think for a moment, you have a site of different type products (Simple, Affiliate, Bookings, Packages and many more …) so definitely we will have 100 or 1000 of categories for different product types, isn’t it !!!

Now, you can understand this will how much painful to set categories to a product at the time add/edit.

WCFM this setting will going to make you a lot relax, you can group your store categories basis of product types. So at the time of creating a Booking product it will show you only Booking products categories.

If you have any further suggestion regarding this Cool Feature feel free to share with us.

You can create product custom fields from here. These fields will available at WCfM product manager to capture data. Supported field types are:

  • Text
  • Numeric
  • Textarea
  • Checkbox
  • Date picker
  • Time picker
  • Select box

WCfM no way responsible for showing this data in WC product catalog or single product page. You have to this your own by overriding WC templates. If you are already using any other plugin to do so then it will be there responsibility.

For more WCFM custom field options go through WCFM – Toolset documentation.