WCFM – Product for Listings

WCFM - Products for Listings Integration

If you are in planning of creating a listings site then this will be the most exiting feature for you.

There is no such way yet to create product at the same time of creating a listing, not from even wp-admin backend.

You have to create product and listing separately then finally associate together. It’s nothing but pain and timing killing as well.

Required plugins –

  • WP Job Manager
  • Products for WP Job Manager
  • WooCommerce
  • WCFM Free
  • WCFM Ultimate

There is no setting you have to enable/disable/set for WCFM, as always WCFM auto-setup in this case as well.

Just install the plugins and all are set to go!!

You will have this WCFM Product Manager inside create listings page.

Just create your product from here instantly with all available options.

It’s WCFM full feature product manager, nothing different.