WCFM – Enquiry Module

WCFM - Enquiry Module

Though we create store products with lots of information and details but still customers are not satisfied. They want to ask few more things for their specific needs, want to communicate directly with that product seller.

Now, you can say that – we already have forum, customer care etc. But just think how much those are user-friendly for customers!!

Suppose a customer is going to purchase 5-6 items and he has few queries in mind for all of those, then he has to write down them in paper and finally go to customer care to post them.

Now, also think for Store admin’s pain, he has a mail with 5-6 queries but all are for different vendors. He will distribute those questions and gather all the answers, then finally going to reply to that customer.

Just think, how long all this will take, is this really a workable and acceptable system!!

It’s time to be relax, WCFM is now allowing you to do all this just by single click and within a minute.

WCFM – Enquiry manager will add a “Enquiries” tab under every single product page.

Logged in and logged out both customers can ask queries from here, no restriction.

Whenever a enquiry posted notification will be sent to it’s associated vendors directly. Vendors will have –

  • Email notification
  • WCFM Direct message
  • WCFM Enquiry message

Note: Admin will also have all these notifications for all store products. So if you are running a store without vendor then you can use all this.

Under “Enquiries” tab customer will also have previously asked queries and vendor / admin replies.

This will going to release your pain from having lots of enquiries, may be you have already answered a query before!!

For WCFM Marketplace – users may send inquiry directly from vendor store page as well.

Admin and Vendor both will have their own “Enquiry Dasboard”  under WCFM – Dashboard. They can check new queries and take necessarily actions very easily.

There is a very useful “product filter” as well.

For marketplace store admin’s will also have a vendor filter.

Also have instant notification at top bar so that vendor don’t have to open this board all the time to check for new queries.

Users are allowed to manage their Inquiries at WC My Account page -> Inquiries.

Admin or Vendor can very easily add their reply for a query from here.

It also comes with another option called “Stick at Product Page” – if you enabled this for any Inquiry reply then it will listed under single product page Inquiries tab.

Customer of that inquiry will have your reply in their email all the time.

If you think some additional thing will make this feature more useful feel free to know us anytime.

Just to mention, all these you have just by installing WCFM Free only.