WCFM – Catalog Mode

WCFM - Catalog Mode

Now you may listed your products in catalog mode very easily using WCFM.

You may set catalog options from product manager very easily.

You may hide “Add to Cart” and “Price” for the product. If you hide either product will automatically listed in Catalog Mode, you don’t have to do anything else.

Product will listed as per your setup and additionally “Ask A Question” button added.

Customers may ask any query instantly. Admin and vendor of the product both notified via Email and WCFM Inquiry notification.

Admin or Vendor can very easily add their reply for a query from here.

It also comes with another option called “Is Private” – if you enabled this for any enquiry then it will no longer listed under single product page Enquiries tab.

When you are done with your reply just click “Notify Customer” and save it. Customer of that enquiry will have your reply in their email automatically.

If you think some additional thing will make this feature more useful feel free to know us anytime.

Just to mention, all these you have just by installing WCFM Free only.