WCFM – Vendor Verification

WCFM - Seller Verification Module

WCfM Vendor Verification creates a bridge of trust between your customers and your marketplace. Let your seller identify true retailers among a handful of anonymous traders. Verify your vendors by their address, ID proof and even their social presence using this module.

Verified vendors, on the other hand can enjoy a whopping consumer base as they have earned a badge of trust from the site admin.

First admin has to setup vendor verification basic configuration, they will have “Vendor verification” tab under WCFM Setting.

You may configure –

  • Vendor verified badge
  • Vendor identity proofs
  • Most importantly, a special product limit for unverified vendors

You may also configure social verifications –

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter

Vendors will have Verification section under their profile. Verification has three steps –

  • Identity Proof verification
  • Address Verification
  • Social verification

Vendors may leave this when they are generally updating profile. There is a option “Prompt Verification”, if vendor click this then only their information pass to admin for verify.

Social verification will not pass to admin, this will be auto detect as per social profile connection via API.

If y admin didn’t enabled any social connection then this section automatically disappear.

Vendors will be always updated with their verification status. Even if they proceed step by step then they will have partial verification status.

If vendor “Prompt” for verification then admin will have a message notification under their message board with a special message type “Verification”.

Admin can diagnosis all the vendor data in the most simplest way.

Admin will have the full power of Approve or Reject a vendor verification request. In addition you can add a not for the vendor.

If verification rejected then vendor will have option to re-verify again.

On verification approve vendors will have status update on their profile page along with a message notification.

Verified seller badge will be displayed along with the vendor name through out the site. This will leads them to earn more consumers.