WCFM – Toolset Maps

WCFM - Toolset Maps Integration

In recent days Map – Google Map is very much essential to inform about your store/product location to your customers.

Toolset Maps” is one of the most easiest and user friendly plugin to do so. You can associate location info and address with your product , isn’t it really cool!!

A much required feature for Booking/Booking Accommodation product types.

WCFM is now allowing you to do this even from Front-end Product Manager.

Install-activate Toolset Types & Toolset Maps and do the basic setting –

  • Set your Google Map API Key
  • Create a Toolset field group for “Product” post type
  • Add a “Address” type field to that group

You are done with the setting.

WCFM Product Manager will show you a tab for that field group with Address field and Map.

Now you can associate your locations with your product very easily.