Product Manager by WC Frontend Manager

Product Manager by WC Frontend Manager

Product Manager by WC Frontend Manager 150 150 WC Lovers

Frontend Product Manager

WCFM will experience you the best front end product manager. Everything already there, you don’t have to create anything yourself, just click and start create your product in the most easiest way ever. It is fully responsive so you can add/edit your products from device. Also integrated with a long list of WC addons.

Product Dashboard

You will have your own product listing here. You can do search, filter, edit, delete – whatever your requirement in the most easiest way.

Product Manager

Experience the best and most featured front end Product Manager ever. It is always more than your requirement.

Product Quick Dashboard

Manage your product stock, price and sell price from any part of your store. One click is enough to do a lot.

Product Import / Export

You will have in-build Importer / Exporter and that will even from front-end. Vendor will able to Import / Export only their store products.


WooCommerce Frontend Manager is fully integrated with WC Vendors, WC Marketplace and Product Vendors to enhance Vendor power and capability a lot more. Vendors will have their own Dashboard with Products Manager, Orders Manager, Coupons Manager and Diverse of Reports.

WC Bookings

First time you will have the power of creating a full featured Bookable Product from live site front end.

WC Subscriptions

Who does not looking for recurring payment? Now you can create and manage all type of subscription products very efficiently in no time.

Bulk Stock Manager

You may edit your all products stock at a same time using bulk stock manager.


WCFM is fully responsive so vendors now can manage their store from any device without any hassle. WCFM works with all Woo compatible themes. It is also integrated with many WC addons to enhance more power.

Diverse of Options

It will experience you all product types and product option in the most peaceful way ever.

Third Party Support

WCFM front end product manage integrated with all most required WC addons. Yoast SEO and WP Job Manager are more than extra feather into the wings.

Custom Fields - Super Power

WCfM will give you the super power of Custom Field. You don’t need to write any code even, just create custom fields to integrate your WC addons in most easiest way ever.

We already helped many of our customers to integrate lots of other WC plugins using this, for example “Offers for WooCommerce”.


All we want is love. We are extremely responsive about support requests – so if you face a problem or find any bugs, shoot us a mail or post it in the support forum, and we will respond within 24 hours(during business days). Feel free to reach us at, happy to serve anything you looking for.

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