Episode 1: "The support from Dokan developers was extremely awful!"


Administrator: My Shop On Web

Migrated from :

Dokan Multivendor

Top reasons for disappointment:

Bad Support


High cost

After spending $499 and receiving awful support from Dokan Multivendor, Ioannis decided on discarding Dokan and embracing WCFM Marketplace. And he’s never been so satisfied! Watch him speak about his experience with Dokan Multivendor and how WCFM Marketplace enhanced his business.


Coordinator: Hi, Ioannis. Welcome to WCFM Marketplace. So, Ioannis, would you please introduce yourself to our audience?Ioannis: Greetings from Greece! My name is Ioannis Barkazous… John Barkazous in English Language. I am the administrator of msow.gr.Coordinator: Okay, tell me something more about your company – how you started it, what came into your mind before starting it, what was the inspiration behind it?

Ioannis: In 2017, the idea of creating a marketplace was I think matured enough to start searching for the right tools for creating my marketplace. I searched a lot, I tried a lot… I’ve done practise, tests..

I opened up MSOW… Things were not that well in the beginning but after a while, the business goes on and on everyday and we’re growing up. And now I’m very pleased for my final solution – my final selection was WCFM plugin.
Coordinator: So, how did you come to know about WCFM Marketplace?Ioannis: When I started MSOW, I chose, over searching internet, which is Dokan plugin. But I thought it was the best plugin for its money. I bought it… Okay, I found it and bought it and started developing the projects. But, you know, when you’re starting your business, support is the most important thing. The support from Dokan developers was extremely awful!After that, I tried by searching in internet and I found WCFM. So, I decided to send a message if it’s possible to migrate from Dokan to WCFM. The first time (reply) was about 10 minutes… 15 minutes, and I was impressed! And I started talking with one of your developers and he told me that, first of all, we can create a test site – a test MSOW – and we can migrate from Dokan to WCFM… “I will do it”, the developer of WCFM, “I will do it, you will see it and if you’re pleased with that, you may proceed to buying WCFM (Marketplace plugin). And I said, “okay!” And I created a test site, I gave him the codes to login to backend and, after about 2 or 3 hours, he told me that “we’re ready – you may enter to see what’s going on” and it was amazing! It was amazing!

I bought it without hesitation! And I asked from (one of) your developers to do the same for my live site and she did it… without extra charge!

So, the price of Dokan I had for $499 and WCFM’s price was about $99 for the package I needed. So, as you can see, we have the difference of $400. It was very, very important.

This was the first. The second is the support. Until today, I was very pleased with the support. I didn’t know about, you know, WordPress, C++ and these languages that they use on computers… I have basic experience in this. But I’m feeling that I have my own technical staff, which is you guys – WCFM!

Coordinator: So, how long have you been using WCFM Marketplace?

Ioannis: Recently, in January, I renewed my subscription to another year. It’s my second year now and I’m very pleased! I’m very pleased because except [sic] from the support, I sent a lot of questions, a lot of suggestions to you and some of my suggestions are already available on WCFM! And I’m very pleased for that!

Coordinators: You mean you found that answers in the Forum?

Ioannis: Not only that! For example, I suggested to your developers to create a separate shipping method for its country and it is now available! I suggested to your developers for a live chat and it is available now!

It is very important for us, you know, it is very important for us that we don’t have to mess to solve that technical stuff and we can focus on marketing on how to sell our products.

Coordinator: Okay, so, Ioannis, how did WCFM Marketplace enhance your business? I mean, did it improve in something?

Ioannis: Oh! It’s amazing… It’s amazing! Now I have at least 22 unique users every month… I have about 50 orders per day! The average order is of about €50… it’s something about $55 for you. And I have 40-45 stores… vendors. Now everyday (we) are adding new vendors. It’s amazing because I can focus on marketing, I don’t have to worry about technical stuff. If I have a problem, I can contact WCFM developers and they’ll solve it [snapping 2 fingers] like that immediately!

Coordinator: Okay, so, what do you think is the best thing about WCFM Marketplace, which actually compelled you, you know, to migrate from Dokan to WCFM Marketplace?

Ioannis: First of all, it is very simple! It is very simple for us who don’t have the knowledge for the technical stuff… it’s very simple. Second, it’s translatable! I translated WCFM into Greek language. As I said, the technical support is the most important thing for us. But we don’t have to worry about the technical stuff, technical issues. And of course, you’re updating very often… your plugins. That means that you care about your products… That you always everytime everytime you try to achieve a better ranking, you know.

Coordinator: So, Ioannis, quickly in a scale of 1-10, how likely are you, you know, suggest WCFM Marketplace to budding entrepreneurs?

Ioannis: In the Greece or to everywhere else?

Coordinator: Anywhere… Anywhere in the world…

Ioannis: Okay, anywhere… is about 10. In Greece- 0. Because I work in Greece!

Coordinator: [Laughing] Okay, so you don’t want any competition over there?

Ioannis: No, no, no! I don’t want any competition! If someone asks me about what to do – “I want to create another marketplace in Greece, what to do?” – I’ll suggest him buy Dokan!

Coordinator: Okay, so you have that competitive spirit in you! That’s great! So, Ioannis, it was great speaking to you. Thanks for sparing your valuable time and thanks for trusting WCFM Marketplace. We wish that you succeed in all your future ventures and we keep walking together like this forever!

Ioannis: Thank you very much… Thank you very much!

Coordinator: Thank you so much, Ioannis. Bubbye!

Ioannis: Bubbye!

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