Episode 1: "...one of the very first plugins that never ran through a problem."


South Africa
Founder: United Promotions

Addons bought :

WCFM Ultimate, WCFM Group & Staff, WCFM Membership

Reasons to love WCFM Marketplace:

Excellent Support


Low Cost

Larry Wymer of United Promotions feels lucky to have found WCFM Marketplace after a bad experience with his previous marketplace solution. His appreciative words and the reasons why he loves WCFM makes us feel lucky to have him as our customer. Here’s what he has to say about WCFM.


Coordinator: Hi, Larry, and welcome to WCFM Marketplace! How are you doing today?

Larry: Hello, and I’m doing pretty well! How are you?

Coordinator: I’m doing good. I hope you’re safe and healthy right now… from this global pandemic.

Larry: Yeah! This pandemic’s going on!

Coordinator: Yeah! Okay, so, Larry, our viewers would love to know more about you so if you could just quickly introduce yourself for our audience.

Larry: Yes! This is Larry from United Promotions powered by ColorXPrints. You know, I’m a screen printer and I do home based business, I do digital art… and it’s passion in line and that’s what I strived for, especially, you know, on a hard day after coming home as a carpenter or a truck driver – I do both! To be able to sit back and relax and be able to do art designs and have customers, you know, I haven’t really got

large orders but enough orders to satisfy, you know, my hobby,so to speak. It’s something that I really enjoy, even when as far as going to direct a garment sublimation, you know, I just enjoy what I do!

Coordinator: Okay, so Larry, tell me how did you, you know, come across WCFM Marketplace? How did you get to know about it?

Larry: So, my initial vision for my website, you know, one the things I struggle with is marketing… Being able to be out there and marketing my website and understanding how websites work… The very first thing you have to understand is you get paint, which puts you up higher on Google; and I have thought about it and thought about it and it actually came, you know, just like it lit up on my head and I realized what I needed to do and that ways I actually take a bunch of guys at myself and I was working at home… small paced, you know, home based businesses – not the big, automated, you know, companies that have automated machines, but the manual printing presses, people that have endured sublimation. I wanted to sit there and develop just one website for everybody to go through and be able to purchase membership, so to speak, to become a vendor… and they would be able to portray products of their own, merchandise… sit there, what I like to call under the dashboard, is more of a portfolio – when you’re looking at the store, you’re looking at their portfolio…

Coordinator: Right! Right…

Larry: Then I wanted them to be able to click on, you know, their Instagram link or their Facebook link, contact them directly through the website or even off the website. So I wanted to find a program or a plugin through WordPress that would allow my vision to actually become a reality!

Coordinator: Okay, so you found WCFM via internet search or did a friend or some acquaintance refer it to you?

Larry: So, I went under the WordPress, you know, that’s the platform I’m using currently. I came from Vistaprint which had limited options and as I was heading over to WordPress, and I was going under the search for plugins, and I just typed in “memberships.” Unfortunately, WCFM was on the second page and I didn’t take the time to try out other options – membership software plugins – and , to be honest, I wasn’t satisfied with any of them! One of the very first ones was Membership Pro; it was one of the very first ones that popped up and I went through all of the information regarding the program and I thought the program would actually be phenomenal! I thought I was going to do exactly what I wanted… and I just had so many issues! Like that the plugin – it actually got to the point where I could not even login to even start!

So when I finally came across WCFM, I ended up installing the plugin and right after that, I mean, there were no issues, no bugs, I was able to login, I was able to put my license key in and, you know, it just blew my mind! Looking at all the settings and the options that WCFM actually offered, and as, you know, they’ve worked to be as transparent as possible, I wouldn’t even say that I’ve used all the settings… There were so many things that I just left blank because I don’t even need them and, to be honest, I don’t even know what they do! Because I don’t need them!

So, yes, WCFM was one of the very first membership plugins that actually offered everything that I wanted plus some, and like I previously mentioned, their settings that I’ve gone through and I know the majority of what they are, but I’ve always left them blank because there’s no need for them in my situation.

Coordinator: Right. Okay, so, what are the addons that you’ve, you know, purchased?

Larry: What was that? I apologize!

Coordinator: I mean, the addons, the premium addons. Have you purchased any premium addon from WCFM Marketplace?

Larry: I actually have several addons that’s off the top off my mind… I can’t tell you what they are… but I can pull them up right now for you! Ummm…. [looking up] I apologize for the wait!

Coordinator: No issues!

Larry: Alright… So, obviously, the very first plugin that I have downloaded and installed and activated was WCFM… let me scroll a bit down… Wow! I have so many! [laughs]

Ummm… So, I’ve added quite a few plugins… WCFM actually offers you so much…one of the things is the number of plugins that are offered go from , you know, you’ve got – and these are the plugins that I actually use and are active on my website – Frontend Manager, Groups & Staff, I’ve got Frontend Manager Ultimate, Multivendor Marketplace… actually are one of the main ones that I use were kind of types of posts to my website shop. I have Multivendor Marketplace-Elementor, which is actually relatively new -I’ve never seen before, until today. I have just actually downloaded and activated the plugin and, you know, for being a website designer-builder, one of the things that kind of aggravated me- but with WCFM, it wasn’t really aggravation- was the inability to customize everything. With the original WCFM, before Elementor or before that plugin, you know, you can go and change the colour scheme, things like that. So, with Elementor, I’m hoping that I can turn around and actually add background colour to it because it’s just being a white colour. So that’s got me excited, I’m a little on edge, I can’t wait! And then I also have Multivendor Membership, which I believe, is the main plugin. So, those are the plugins that I run as far as WCFM…

But when it comes down to WCFM, I mean, everything – the way it’s integrated, the ease of use, the simplicity of the dashboard – it’s one of the very first plugins that never ran through a problem. And I never had to worry about reaching out to WCFM for any issues or any bugs that I’ve been experiencing. And that’s one of the things that have always caught me off guard because having, you know, focused so much on customer service and then not needing customer service… because once you plug everything in and you’re putting you key, you are gaining the simplicity of the interface… It’s just phenomenal! And that just, it always caught me off guard and then having a conversation with you right now about my thoughts on your guys’ plugin… it’s actually got me really thinking why, you know, why do you need me? You know what I mean, it’s just….

Coordinator: For us, each and every customer is as precious as each of our team members! You know, we value you! We are there just because of you guys, just because of your love and support! That’s what, you know, we’ve traded along so long.

So, thank you so much! It’s really inspiring for us to, you know, have you on board!

Larry: Oh, absolutely! I actually love the fact that I found you guys on the first place!

Coordinator: Thanks to that one!

Larry: Always a pleasure!

Coordinator: Okay, so that was really great! Thank you so much, Larry, and have a great day ahead!

Larry: You do the same! Thank you.

Coordinator: Okay. Bubbye!

Larry: Yep!

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