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Vendor Verification

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Vendor Verification – the smart WCfM feature

What happens when one of your sellers ship fake items to a customer? Would you want your site to have a bad name due to a handful of fraud sellers? Over one-third of customers face counterfeit cases due to fake sellers. But how would you prevent (or at least try to prevent) such fraudulence? Therein comes the need for a proper vendor verification during Vendor Registration.

Why vendor verification is important?
  1.         You hold the Power!

It’s better to avoid any fraudulence when you can! Knowing more about your vendor helps you decide whether a particular seller and his products are genuine and eligible to be listed on your website. On the other hand, even if any mishap occurs, you can easily track your seller with the seller information you have in your hands.

  1.         Gain more Trust!

Trusted sellers gain more customers. Once you approve a seller and it reflects on the website, they tend to draw more leads than other sellers. It is seen that verified sellers generate a whopping customer base when compared to unverified ones!

Easy Vendor Verification with WCfM

WCfM Vendor Verification is a convenient module which allows you to build a line of trust between your customers and your marketplace. With multiple ID verification parameters and Product Limit Restriction, you can easily manage your seller database from the frontend.

Let’s have a look at what special features WCfM provides you in its Vendor Verification Module:

  • Email Verification

Your seller gets the option of verifying his email address. What more? This feature comes free with WCfM Membership! Well, the admin doesn’t require to approve the vendor’s email address manually under the Verification module. This can be done at the time of Vendor Registration itself. Once the social profiles of the vendor are verified, a verification code is generated and sent to the vendor’s email address. After the vendor verifies the address, his email address automatically gets approved! This avoids spams, too! Less hassle to the admin, it seems!

  •  3-step Verification

The more you know about your vendor, the lesser the chances of fraudulence! Now vendors can verify through 3 different parameters:

  1. Identity Proof Verification Vendors can upload different ID proofs for verification such as National ID, Passport, Driver’s License, etc. Admin can also add a new ID category and define it the way he wants!
  2. Address Verification – There’s another category called Address Verification which allows the vendor to verify his address.
  3. Social Verification – Why shouldn’t there be an additional security? WCfM also lets your vendors verify their social accounts like Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. However, the admin needs not verify the social accounts manually. They will be detected and approved automatically as per social profile connection via API.
  • Product Limit Restriction

Another good (and unique) feature of this module is the Product Limit Restriction. Even if you don’t verify your seller, you can still set the product limit. The limit can be from allowing a single product to unlimited number of products. When the admin keeps it blank, he implies no product restriction to the seller. Alternatively, putting a “0” or a negative value in the field implies “limitless” products. However, this restriction is applicable only when the vendor is not verified.

But why WCfM?

You already know the answer! There are a lot of reasons why you should choose WCfM… And you’ve just read a few!

Do you really want to know why WCfM’s Vendor Verification is better than the ones of other multi-vendor marketplace plugins? Read on!

  • One ID category vs. more than one ID categories

What do you think would be better? Of course, the one with more ID verification categories! WC Marketplace allows verification of only one ID proof, i.e., the vendor can upload only one ID proof for verification.

On the other hand, WCfM allows multiple ID verification if the vendor wants to verify more than one ID proofs. This means more security! Well, that’s what the entire process of verification is for!

  • All in one package!

Although this Module is available under the WCfM Ultimate version, this version contains several other amazing features! The Vendor Verification Module is inbuilt in WCfM’s Ultimate version.

Well, vendor verification is also available in WCMP… but as a separate add-on! And it comes with a price, of course. With the Ultimate version, WCfM provides this feature at no additional cost!

  • Cost effective without a doubt!

To be blatantly honest, WCfM is almost at par with Dokan Multivendor Marketplace in terms of features. However, Vendor Verification Module for Dokan is available under the Professional version and above, starting from $249 a year.

And what do you think WCfM would take? The Vendor Verification Module is available for WCfM Ultimate users at just $49 a year! Do we need to say more?

To sum up, WCfM provides smart vendor verification without the additional hassle. There are several other cool new features that the Ultimate version shells out. Choose WCfM to ease up your vendor management with more efficiency.


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