WCFM endpoints into shortcode

WCFM endpoints into shortcode

WCFM endpoints into shortcode 1024 576 WC Lovers

Convert any WCFM endpoint into shortcode

In many times you don’t want to give access to the whole WCFM Dashboard to your Vendors.

But when you see WCFM only has one page for main dashboard and others are endpoints under that will get in stuck.

Just relax, WCFM is flexible enough to allow this very easily.

You are allowed to use any endpoints as a separate short code as well, even your custom defined endpoints automatically supported – no additional coding required.

Here is the short code structure –

wcfm endpoint="end point name"

Suppose you to allow your vendors to access only front-end product manager. Just create a page “Product Manager” using the short code wcfm endpoint="wcfm-products-manage" and you are done.

List of Endpoints

For your help here I am also listed WCFM default endpoints –

  • wcfm-products
  • wcfm-products-manage
  • wcfm-products-import
  • wcfm-products-export
  • wcfm-coupons
  • wcfm-coupons-manage
  • wcfm-orders
  • wcfm-orders-details
  • wcfm-reports-sales-by-date
  • wcfm-reports-out-of-stock
  • wcfm-reports-sales-by-product
  • wcfm-reports-coupons-by-date
  • wcfm-reports-low-in-stock
  • wcfm-profile
  • wcfm-profile
  • wcfm-profile
  • wcfm-settings
  • wcfm-capability
  • wcfm-knowledgebase
  • wcfm-knowledgebase-manage
  • wcfm-notices
  • wcfm-notice-manage
  • wcfm-notice-view
  • wcfm-messages
  • wcfm-groups
  • wcfm-groups-manage
  • wcfm-managers
  • wcfm-managers-manage
  • wcfm-staffs
  • wcfm-staffs-manage
  • wcfm-appointments-dashboard
  • wcfm-appointments
  • wcfm-appointments-staffs
  • wcfm-appointments-staffs-manage
  • wcfm-appointments-manual
  • wcfm-appointments-calendar
  • wcfm-appointments-details
  • wcfm-appointments-settings

Hope this article will helpful for you. If you have any further queries feel to reach me anytime.


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