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A former IT Engineer, Blaise wanted to improve the economy of Douala through his marketplace but soon found out that people are way too hesitant in investing in eCommerce. So, he started Janga Shop and let sellers join in for free and pay commission only if their products are sold. Watch this video where he explains his journey and how he motivated more sellers on investing in eCommerce.


Coordinator: Tell me something about yourself!

Blaise: Yes, my name is Blaise Fogoun. I am in Cameroon, Douala. I’m Cameroonian and a IT engineer. I’m working in IT since more than 16 years right now.

Coordinator: Okay, Blase, that’s really nice! And tell us something about your marketplace!

Blaise: Yes, the marketplace we start(ed) here in Cameroon (is) named Janga Shop. The Janga Shop is available online right now with URL: jangashop.com. Let me spell it to you: J like January, A like April, N like Netherland, G like Germany, A like Apple and Shop… jangashop.com. That is the link to our shop.

Coordinator: Okay, so what does Janga Shop sell?

Blaise: Yes, we sell anything that can be sell online like physical product, electronic and so on. And we’ll sell also virtual products – but right now we deliver products that can be delivered in real life.

Coordinator: Okay, so tell me, Blaise, when did it all start? I mean, when did you think that we (you) need to start Janga Shop?

Blaise: Yes, the Janga Shop project started now since 1 year… yes. The website is online since 5 years. And now we’re still working on how to have more sellers on the system.

Coordinator: Hmm… Okay, what inspired you, Blaise, about Janga Shop. I mean, what inspired you in starting up your own business… your own online business?

Blaise: Yes, before starting the Janga Shop project, I was a website designer. So when I advised many people having a shop and invest in eCommerce, most of them (told) us that it was too expensive to them and they don’t have experience to eCommerce. They don’t have also experience on internet! First of all they don’t have any experience on internet… and considering that the financial aspect is too high for them, we chose to implement the marketplace to facilitate how those customers can invest in eCommerce. By starting our personal eCommerce platform, without paying anything, we convince sellers that they pay only when we sell their products to them (customers). Yes, we help sell their products online. So, that is how we started the project… to see how we can facilitate the sellers to invest in eCommerce.

And as soon as we started it, we are seeing that people are showing interest in building their business online right now.

Coordinator: Okay, did you feel any kind of obstacle coming your way when you started your business? Did you, I mean, experience any kind of issues during your initial days?

Blaise: Yes, we have (had) some few issues but with the experience I have, I immediately found the solution.Yes… and using your platform, it helped me fix the issues I had. Those issues I had were specially how to personalize some options to match our environment. And those issues were solved immediately (by you) just by sending an email to (your) support and immediately the information of how to do it was sent very fast.

Coordinator: Okay, so tell me, Blaise, how did WCFM Marketplace enhance your business? How did it help you start with your startup?

Blaise: Yes, before getting your products we find them on online and let me tell you why we choose your product… Because we saw that many people on internet (suggest your plugin)… When we checked the features you proposed, we saw that you have many more features than the initial features we have in our business plan. That is why we chose your solution. And we saw also your solution keep up on orders and we have also the opportunity to test it before buying it. And that is why we started (with) this solution. And concerning any issue, I think that there were not many issues – even if you don’t know anything to make a web design, if you don’t have any level in programming online, yes.

Coordinator: Okay, and Do you think like, since you have been in the IT sector, so things would have been a bit easier for you to understand while you were building your marketplace. So, do you think WCFM Marketplace will also suit those entrepreneurs who don’t really know much about WordPress or aren’t that savvy with computers or aren’t that savvy with this technology? Do you think WCFM Marketplace would be helpful for those people as well?

Blaise: I think that it would be very helpful for those people. They need first of all to know how to use WordPress. If they know how to use the WordPress, there will be a very faster way for them to do business… because you don’t need to (do much)… Just know how to install the plugin. After installing the plugin, you just read the manual to know how to login as a seller, how to login as an administrator, how to manage article and so on. It’s very simple! So, you have many video on YouTube that can help you learn very fast – how to build your website using that marketplace software.

Coordinator: Okay, tell me Blaise, are you alone in this business or do you have a team working for you?

Blaise: Don’t get what you’re saying. Can you repeat the question?

Coordinator: Yeah, sure! I just wanted to know if you’re alone in this business or you have a team that is working for you?

Blaise: I told you, we start(ed) the business since one year. And we’re still doing the marketing to have many sellers on the platform. And after having many sellers, we suppose we’ll have more products on the platform. Now we don’t have many visitors on the website and I think if the business is not starting as we wanted to start maybe because some people are visiting the website now and could not find the article that they need. Okay, but we have many people right now who have tested the platform and made a purchase from the platform. The system, I think, was built to much (of) our ideas. Because the eCommerce here in Cameroon is not working like the eCommerce in other countries. Here, you purchase the product, you want it to be delivered before making the payment…

Coordinator: Oh, so it’s cash-on-delivery over there.

Blaise: Yes, you pay after delivery.

Coordinator: But is there someone else who’s helping you in this business? I mean, anyone else who’s working with you or you’re the only owner and you only manage this entire business?

Blaise: Now, I’m working with a designer so we have 2 in our team right now. And I found on your solution an Affiliate program – that we have. So, I can also say that we have many on our team because those affiliates can be considered as our team because they help in the marketing.

Coordinator: Right!

Blaise: Yes, they can promote products for an e-shop, they can invite sellers to set their shop on the platform and get it (commission) for any sale that the shop that the affiliate referred (to). They get commission from that shop online. So, I think that with that solution, we don’t need to have a fixed employee that will have a fixed salary. Here, with Affiliate program, many people can decide to have more money or not – that depends on them. And they can manage their timetable easily.

Coordinator: Okay, do you have any final suggestion, any advice for our viewers?

Blaise: Any advice… I think that I would just congratulate your team and encourage them to work together to give our solution more flexible solution so to keep our business working better. And to give all possibility to improve, yes. And if (compared to) any other solution, your support is always near us to understand, to have feedback or to have any suggestion… And I think if (compared to) any solution, for any suggestion, we have to do an email and request that facilitate that… and they’ll keep working as they’re now. Keep answering very fast (for) any issue that we have on the platform, so keep doing what they’re doing now.

Coordinator: Okay, that’s so great to hear that from you, Blaise, and thank you so much for being here and I’m sure a lot of people, a lot of entrepreneurs will be really moved by your story and will really take note from your journey. And that would really help them in their future ventures. And we, Team WC Lovers, really wish you all the very best for all your future ventures.. Thank you so much, Blaise!

Blaise: Okay, thank you very much!

Coordinator: Yeah! Bubbye!

Blaise: Okay, Bubbye!

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