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      The About information does not load together with the Vendor page. When you go to a vendor page, the products tab will show. That is good… But when you click on About, it takes time to load. It seems like it is loading a whole new page /vendor/about

      Why can’t you load the about information at the same time? Make it last to load in the background and ready to view if the customer wants to read About the vendor. Also, it is faster when the customer wants to click back on the Products tab.

      Just a suggestion for improvement.

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    • #69020
      WCFM Forum


      Well, all these are new new page – products, about, policy etc ….

      So it will not load faster if we load those before!

      One alternate of this is “merge products and about tab”

      Thank You

    • #71546
      Jamie O’Reilly

      How would you merge the products ad about tab please? and how can you add a new tab – eg FAQ?
      Many Thanks

    • #72211
      WCFM Forum


      Here is the code to merge About and Products tab –

      add_filter( 'wcfmmp_store_tabs', function( $store_tabs, $store_id ) {
      	if( isset( $store_tabs['about'] ) ) unset( $store_tabs['about'] );
      	return $store_tabs;
      }, 50, 2 );
      add_action( 'wcfmmp_before_store_product', function( $store_id, $store_info ) {
      	$store_user   = wcfmmp_get_store( $store_id );
      	$wcfm_shop_description = apply_filters( 'woocommerce_short_description', $store_user->get_shop_description() );
      	if( $wcfm_shop_description ) { ?>
      		<div class="wcfm-store-about">
      			<div class="wcfm_store_description" ><?php echo $wcfm_shop_description; ?></div>
      	<?php }
      }, 50, 2 );

      Thank You

    • #81599

      I was also thinking about this same thing. Kind of how woocommerce loads their product pages with tabs for description, reviews and store policies. It loads very fast as compared to loading a new page each time.

      Does anyone have a screenshot of what the results look like for the code above?

      Thank you!

    • #82124
      WCFM Forum


      Product page tabs and store page tabs are not same.

      Product page tabs works as general tab, same like WCFM Product manager tabs.

      But store pages tabs are separate links, those are presented as tabs.

      Thank You

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