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Add new prodct by search from existing Site's Product Catalog

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    I have a few questions:

    1. Is there posibility to add a new product by copy/duplicate a product, which already exist in Site’s Catalog, in WCFM Vendor Frontend ? (see. attached img)
    2. How much will it cost to your coding the WCFM plugin to display an list of all the products of the Site Catalog (by all vendors) with the possibility of copying/duplicating any product (or several products at once by bulk actions) from the WCFM Vendor Frontend ?
    (see. attached img)

    Imagine …
    a new Vendor is registered , he can sell almost all products that already exist on the site. He doesn’t want to create new products from a scratch, he wants to add existing products from other Vendors from Site’s Catalog. He can use the “Single Product Multi-vendor” option, but he should have to go to the page of each product and press the “Sell this item” button. If there are many goods in Catalog then adding all products to his sotre is too tiring and long. I would like to somehow simplify this procedure. That is, he enter to his Vendor Dashboard to the “Add a new product” tab, clicks the “Show list of all product (filltered by categories)” button, selects the desired items from the list and clicks “Sell this item” button.

    It is like an additional functionality to the option “Single Product Multi-vendor” ;).
    Search or Display a list of all Products by categories

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    Please check this – https://wclovers.com/knowledgebase/wcfm-marketplace-single-product-multi-vendor/

    Vendors are allowed to sell any other vendor’s products easoly.

    Thank You

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