add tiered pricing table into capability controller

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Multi Vendor Marketplace Plugin | WCFM Marketplace Forums WCFM – Feature Request add tiered pricing table into capability controller

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      Would be great to give access to tiered price table plugin (free / premium) only to certain groups.

    • #118831

      can you provide examples?
      Because right now I think you can do that

      -you define a group based on the capabilities.

      -then you add that group to a membership type

      – then you can define what ever price you want for that membership.

      I have 3 levels of membership and they had different capabilities/features turned off with the most expensive membership being unlimited capability.

    • #118832

      you can see my membership table at the bottom of this page

    • #118863

      Hi Craig,
      thanks a lot for your answer. But I fear I was not clear enough in my description.
      Tiered price table is a plugin that is supported by WCFM, see here:
      This plugin allows vendors to give discount if customers sell more than one amount of a product –> named tiered pricing or also volume discount. It’s like “bulk discount plugin” but better.
      I already do have different membership plans similar to your ones. And I think it would be great to offer this feature of tiered prices only to vendors in payed membership plans and not automatically to all. So a button within capability section to activate the plugin for certain groups and deactivate it for others would be great.

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      In order to bring some structure into my support requests here in the forum, this one is
      Importance: low

Viewing 4 reply threads
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