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Adding new translation file

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      Joonas Kolostov


      I’ve seen that this questions have been asked before but topic had always closed before a solution :O
      I translated WCFM – Frontend manager and WCFM – Frontend manager Ultimate to Estonian language (as is my website)

      I did translation using Poedit targeting: wc-frontend-manager.pot and wc-frontend-manager-ultimate.pot files.

      I ended up with following files of translation for each plugin:


      Location of these files are:

      The only setting i could find for setting a language is at WordPress Admin -> Settings -> General -> Language
      which is set to estonian.

      My website is in production and hosted locally.

      Is there any additional setting for Frontend manager to accept my translations or do i have my translation files with wrong name or in a wrong directory?
      Let’s solve this issue once and for all 😀 !

    • #105417

      I have the same problem in Greek language. Lang folder in server completed for wc-frontend-manager.pot and wc-frontend-manager-ultimate.pot with .po Is there needed and the .mo files and what I can do for .mo? Greek Language settesd also for wordpress. Nothing happened. The list of strings for translation is very big.

      I need for my userw (vendors) the translation of almost all strings that they will see.
      I thought to change *_us_US files or .pot files to transleted but I did not doing nothing because I dont know what will happens (if any will be happened).


      • #105422
        Joonas Kolostov

        Hi, Morakisv Ang

        I think i can help you with your question about .mo files.

        .po Is there needed and the .mo files and what I can do for .mo?

        To get corresponding .mo and .po files i used third-party software for windows called “Poedit” you can find a free version that works fine for you here: poedit.net just download and install. Run the program and do “open new” target your [wordpress folder]wp-content/plugins/wc-frontend-manager-ultimate/lang/ and choose file that has “.pot” extension. If you do so, poedit will ask for destination language, choose your favorite 🙂

        The list of strings for translation is very big.

        Yes indeed, great work will give you great reward, it took me to translate both plugins about 3 days.

        If you do translate all of the entries and save the project it should save with file ending with “el_GR” in your case. And in theory frontend manager should accept the translation file instantly and well That’s where i have a problem.

        If i find an elegant solution to it i will update this post.

    • #105424
      Joonas Kolostov

      Alright i found solution to my own issue. WCFMu is using WordPress native language setting and WordPress is nativly expecting Estonian language files as “-et” not “-et_EE”. Changing filenames solved my issue.

      Important notice doe! Updating WCFM deleted my custom translation files. Thank god i had backups! Always have backups of your stuff guys!

      Is there a way to prevent the update from deleting translation files / rewriting the entire translation directory? Or should i make an external plugin that checks existance of certain files in directories and if missing copies them from it’s own storage/backups?

    • #105652
      WCFM Forum


      Please use “Loco Translate (https://wordpress.org/plugins/loco-translate/)” plugin, translation will be very easy for you.

      Thank You

    • #106169

      Thanks Joonas Kolostov and WCFM Forum for your help! The problem translating and install the files is solved by loco plugin and poedit.

      Have a nice day!

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