Admin Fees not adding up right

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      I have set up my site using your plugins at
      I have paid for the WCFM – Ultimate. I also use the Membership Add-on.

      Today I did a test buy and I cannot figure out how the Admin Fees are calculated. With the commission going to the Admin set at 9%+.30 (percent + fixed) it is not adding up right. Please help me figure out what is going on.

      Product = $35.95
      Tax = $1.74
      Shipping= $3.57
      Additional Donation=$0.74
      TOTAL PAID = $42

      Both Tax and Shipping are set to go to the vendor.

      I also put the following filter code in so that commission calculations also include tax and shipping.
      add_filter( ‘wcfmmp_is_allow_commission_on_tax’, ‘__return_true’ );
      add_filter( ‘wcfmmp_is_allow_commission_on_shipping’, ‘__return_true’ );

      Backend of the Test Store says that
      Gross Sales = $41.26 (Does not include additional donation which is what I want)
      Fees = $3.45

      Stripe fees are 2.9%+.30 which for this test equals $1.52

      Yet no matter what scenario I run I cannot get the fees to equal $3.45.
      If gross sales are $41.26 shouldn’t the fees be $4.01??
      If the code is not working and the tax, shipping, and additional donation are not being included, shouldn’t the fees be $3.54??

      Please help me understand how everything is being calculated.

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      Kindly show me your commission setting and this order’s details page screenshot.

      Thank You

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      I made a post about something similar, my commission is not adding up correctly either, please help……

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