Allow adjusting the welcome email for new vendors via a filter

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Multi Vendor Marketplace Plugin | WCFM Marketplace Forums WCFM – Feature Request Allow adjusting the welcome email for new vendors via a filter

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      In the file \wc-frontend-manager\controllers\vendors\wcfm-controller-vendors-new.php the mail to welcome the new vendors is sent without applying a filter (lines 223-250 on version 6.4.8).

      Instead of doing so you could use the wordpress-filter wp_new_user_notification_email for the new users email (or use your own filter, if that is more comfortable for you). This would allow for adding a custom filter and thus change text-details, add custom-links, etc.

      Here is a code example of how it could look like:

      $message = apply_filters( ‘wcfm_email_content_wrapper’, $message, __( ‘New Account’, ‘wc-frontend-manager’ ) );

      $email_data = array();
      $email_data[‘to’] = $mail_to;
      $email_data[‘subject’] = $subject;
      $email_data[‘message’] = $message;

      $email_data = apply_filters( ‘wp_new_user_notification_email’, $email_data, get_userdata($vendor_id), wp_specialchars_decode( get_option( ‘blogname’ ), ENT_QUOTES ) );

      wp_mail( $email_data[‘to’], $email_data[‘subject’], $email_data[‘message’], $email_data[‘headers’] );

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