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Allow vendor sell the product without creating a new one

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Multi Vendor Marketplace Plugin | WCFM Marketplace Forums WCFM – Feature Request Allow vendor sell the product without creating a new one

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    • #126303

      I’m using your marketplace plugin to manage local resselers of my products. I want them to use the product I created to sell in ther online stores instead of creating a new one based on that.

      The idea I had is to have multiple vendors for the same product. This is the flow:

      1. Admin (me) create a list of possible products to ressel;
      2. The resselers goes to “add to my store” and select the products they you ressel;
      3. The product become available to seel in their individual shops, without possibility of editing;

      4. The customer visit the resseler online store and buy one of the products;
      5. The sale is registered to the vendor, in the normal marketplace workflow.

      Is it possible to customize? Can you help me with that?

    • #126308

      Do you mean like this??

      “WCFM Marketplace also allowing your vendor to sell other vendor’s products. In general, we call this “single product multiple vendor”.


    • #126309

      I found a reference of this functionality in Dokan. I uploaded a pic showing it.

      And here is the link of the information. It seems the thing that I need. But, I preffer your marketplace, not Dokan. 🙂


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    • #126311

      Yeah, it is almost like this.

      But the point is that the functionality as it is developed, seems to duplicate the product.

      As I will have, at least, 100 ressellers, I don’t want all products multiplied by 100 in the database.

      Would it be possible to customize something referencing the main product instead of creating a new product?

      I also don’t want the ressellers change anything. They will just offer the product I created and receive comissions for it. They will act like a local branch of my company.

    • #126312

      sergiolucianoajr I’m sure there is a customization for this. You will need to submit to the WC Lovers directly


    • #129982

      A question. I have installed your Plugin and I want my sellers to sell only the products that I have uploaded as administrator and that cannot be edited.
      1- Is this possible? That they can’t edit it?
      2- Every time a product is created from a store, it is duplicated to the one that already existed. If there are many sellers, they are duplicating all the products many times. How is this solved?

    • #130486

      I can tell you more, the geolocation of WCFM does not pick up the “cloned” products which is an issue because it does not give visibility to the other stores selling this product and within the radius.

Viewing 6 reply threads
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