Assign one delivery boy to all vendors

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Multi Vendor Marketplace Plugin | WCFM Marketplace Forums WCFM – Delivery Assign one delivery boy to all vendors

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    • #116869

      Hi, i see in other topic, a code snipped for one delivery work for all vendors, work done but if other vendor create a new delivery boy all vendors can see or asign deliveries a this delivery boy.
      Is it possible that only the admin delivery boy is visible in all vendors?

      here is a code mentioned.

      add_filter( ‘wcfmd_get_delivery_boys_args’, function( $delivery_boys_args ) {
      if( wcfm_is_vendor() ) {
      if( isset( $delivery_boys_args[‘meta_key’] ) ) unset( $delivery_boys_args[‘meta_key’] );
      if( isset( $delivery_boys_args[‘meta_value’] ) ) unset( $delivery_boys_args[‘meta_value’] );
      return $delivery_boys_args;
      }, 50 );

    • #116930


      Modify the code,

      add_filter( 'wcfmd_get_delivery_boys_args', function( $delivery_boys_args ) {
      	if( wcfm_is_vendor() ) {		
      		$vendor_id = get_current_user_id();
      		$adminid = 1; //replace with site admin user id
      		if( isset( $delivery_boys_args['meta_key'] ) ) unset( $delivery_boys_args['meta_key'] );
      		if( isset( $delivery_boys_args['meta_value'] ) ) unset( $delivery_boys_args['meta_value'] );
      		$delivery_boys_args['meta_key'] = '_wcfm_delivery_boy_author';        
      		$delivery_boys_args['meta_value'] = array($adminid,$vendor_id);
      return $delivery_boys_args;
      }, 50 );


    • #117086

      I don’t have a use for this code Sarmistha Chakraborty but I just wanted to say that your ability and willingness to provide the code is awesome! thanks for your support with WC Lovers!

    • #127246

      where is possible load it?

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