Attributes view and operation urges me help

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      Hello, I have copied them for premium support and I have no answer, I comment!

      I am creating my brand with wcfm ultimate, everything is fine until the moment of loading the products, it is not intuitive for the end user and I have read almost the entire forum but I cannot find any solution.

      1-) I cannot put custom field by category. There are some categories that need a custom field but it doesn’t work. The custom fields are activated for everyone and in the products whether they are registered or not, the title of each one appears.
      2-) Is there a way that the attributes are displayed?
      Ta thanks to the forum it is possible that the attributes are always active, however it is a problem that the user has to press an arrow button to mark the available attributes. <b> Is there a way for the attributes to be all displayed, just choose the field, or better yet, to be output as the categories in LIST CHECKBOX </b>?
      3) When I change from one category to another, the attributes assigned to another category continue to appear unless I uncheck and redial.

      4) Crocoblock jet engine compatibility? do not have this will give them a flus I recommend integrating it.

      5) I would like the attributes or custom details to appear above the description field and not below, so that the user fills in the fields first, it would be super good just below the price. Thank you!

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Viewing 2 reply threads
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