Automatically syncronizing vendor store location with product location

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Multi Vendor Marketplace Plugin | WCFM Marketplace Forums WCFM Automatically syncronizing vendor store location with product location

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      Hello guys,

      Congrats for this awesome plugin and your fast response time! Great work here!
      I have read the forums here and on WordPress and I couldn’t find an answer for a specific situation of mine.

      I’m planning to build a multivendor platform with WC-Vendors PRO plugin and a Gelolocation plugin (doesn’t matter which one as long it can be integrated to achieve what I want). On top of that I want to use your WCFM Ultimate plugin for vendor frontend management.
      I see that you have integrated some GEO plugins and the vendor can define the location of his product in product edit page (maybe you can integrate one from your already supported list of plugins for this feature – GeoMyWP, Adress geocoder, etc).

      Basically I want to let the website visitor to filter products which are not available in his area (could be a city or a region) and show him just these products. It would be a platform for local business.

      Just a quick question here (it could be also an enhacement advice if you consider that other user could benefit from this too):

      Because the vendor (at least in WC-Vendors) can define his own address and location, from a user experience perspective it is to no use to make the vendor define the location for every product all over again.

      Instead, based on his already defined location you could auto-associate the location with his products (so that vendor location = vendor products location). This feature would be great on so many levels and could make your plugin really stand out.

      Please provide an answer on this feature, I want to know if you consider this feedback useful and if you are planning to add this in a future version so I know if I can rely on your plugin for my plans.

      Thank you,

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      WCfM Forum

      Hi Daniel,

      Thanks for get in toich with us and pleasure to have such cool appreciation.

      I just want to clarify your feature request once more –

      A vendor already addd his store location. Now he is going to create a product. We should auto fill product location with his store location by default. Niw it’s upto him, if he want then can change and set a different address as well.

      Please clarify me if I am wrong at any point.

      Don’t worry, we will definite do that. Afterall it wil be very useful for vendors as well, creating products is a real pain!!

      Thanks again

    • #15505

      Hello Shivv,

      Thank you so much for your fast response!
      The pleasure is all mine, I’m very happy to see this level of implication in your product. It shows that you trust your product and services.

      Yes, you got that right. Synchronizing vendor location and product location would be a great add.

      Step 1: A vendor already add his store location from the dashboard
      Step 2: The vendor creates a product from his dashboard
      Step 3: If any of the suported geolocation plugins are installed, he now has the option to set an address for that product
      Step 4: He finds the address field already auto filled with the location he has set in his store setting initially
      Step 5 (optional): Yes, now it’s up to him to change and set a different address. If the location doesn’t correspond with what he wants, he can change it manually.

      Or you could set this feature as a button in your plugin settings panel (if the vendor needs it, he can go to settings and tick a checkbox “Synchronize product and vendor location” and enable it. If the vendor doesn’t need this feature, he can leave the syncronization off and use the product location normally just as now.

      The advantage for this feature is that Vendor sets his location one time and all new submited products will have the same location, so, they can be used in a product locator for example. Used in conjuction with Post locator function of GeoMyWorpress ( one can make a product filter form in frontend and show only products from within a city or region. You can see this integration in action in this theme:

      From a local business perspective (think of a local store) this makes sense because many times the vendor products are linked with his business physical location (from where he operates shipping). Basically, this functionality can transform the marketplace into a store locator for products (not vendors).

      It’s a common request from users, from what I’ve seen on some other forums.

      Thank you,

    • #15521
      WCFM Forum


      Yeah sure, I will add this in next update be sure.

      But I am not going to add any settings for enable/disable this, it will always keep store location by default.

      Actually, WCFM is always try to run on auto-mode.
      Less settings and simple way is preferred.

      If later people really looking for such settings then I will, but not now.

      Anyway, really thanks for this nice idea!!

      Thank You

    • #15625


      Great news! Looking forward for the next release to test it out.
      Glad to help! Anytime! I appreciate you taking this in consideration.


    • #15636
      WCFM Forum


      WCFM new version has already released and that comes with this enhancement.

      Kindly update yours and take a look.

      Please know us is this works as per your desired or not?

      Thank You

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