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      I must be missing something obvious here.

      So far I have had to go find badges and format them correctly to upload them one by one to be able to use badges, and create an “All Shops” page to list all the vendors with a shortcode that I eventually found after searching around the forums and documentation.

      Now it looks like I need to create a page to display my products and find the shortcodes for each element I want to display there.

      Is this normal to have to research and build each section like this?

      Is there a list of shortcodes somewhere?

      Is there documentation that is organized in an order that makes sense? The documentation I see is just random and out of order, there is no way to tell which steps you should be completing and in which order.

      Also, how do I find my previous posts in the forums, apparently it is not possible to search by username for some reason.

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      These are all the pages currently in my install:

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      It was suggested by support that I double-check that my WooCommerce pages were installed.

      I went into WooCommerce >> status >> tools >> Create default WooCommerce pages and those pages are now active.

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