Buddypress Profile Tabs & Profile Creation Structure.

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Multi Vendor Marketplace Plugin | WCFM Marketplace Forums WCFM – Feature Request Buddypress Profile Tabs & Profile Creation Structure.

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      Hello WCLover Team.

      I’m using buddypress + Kleo Theme + Youzer plugin + all your plugins. But I’m facing three main issues:

      1. In store manager dashboard, the buddypress profile tabs is showing above the dashboard. So how to remove that. (Attachment available)
      2. In vendor profile. The store tab is not in the correct place and not align with the other profile tabs. (Attachment available).
      3. When any vendor create staff or driver account, a buddypress profile will be created too:
      a. So I will end up with a community full of driver-1, driver-2 and driver-3 also staff-1, staff-2 and staff-3. Not a real people interested about my community ( just employees) especially I have buddypress community and the market place it’s just a one feature to the community along with other features. So how to fix that and separate and hide the vendor staff and drivers profiles from the main community.
      b. And in other hand the vendor can delete his stuff profile. So what happened if his stuff have already an active profile and using the other features of the community! In this case it will be deleted by this employer without his permission.

      So, can you help me please to understand how to solve this issues? Buddypress and the marketplace is very important to succeed in my project.

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      WCFM Forum


      Well, I understand your concept. But these will require some custom coding.

      Please contact us here – https://wclovers.com/woocommerce-multivendor-customization/
      We will help you to achieve these.

      Thank You

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      Hello WCLover Team.
      First of all, really thanks for your efforts and dedication to develop this great plugin 🙂 . And sorry because I’m not a programmer.

      Okay then, Twice i tried to contact your team using the form which you mentioned earlier but no respond till now. Anyway, I have three issues which I’m not convinced at all:

      Referring to my previous request and conversation, find below comments:

      1. First problem, Store manager dashboard in buddypress profile tabs. I solve it by disabling ( Disable WCFM Full View ).

      2. In vendor profile. The store tab is not in the correct place. I believe that the error because the store is under the multivendor system not under member profile which supposed to be integrated under the member profile?!

      a. Under multivendor store : https://www.healthatech.com/healtha-store/testing-1/
      b. Under the member profile : https://www.healthatech.com/members/testing-1/media/

      3. The third issue is really un-logical. And really sorry to say that. I really love your plugin and even I bought almost all the add-on.

      a. This plugin is integrated with buddypress.
      b. We choose this plugin because it’s integrated with buddypress.
      c. For sure, who have buddypress plugin means that he have a community!
      d. So, I think you must give an option to separate the stores employees from the community, or totally hide them, or allow the plugin to let the member register first after that the store manager can add them, after their approval to be added or anything like that!! :).

      I hope someone will help me to understand. Or at least give me a suggestion!

      Really thanks for your patience.


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      Hello WCFM Team.

      i hope you will understand my point. i contact your team via email and link which you provided earlier many time with no reply !!! ( and yes i checked the spam many time too, nothing their ) i really need an answer to my previous questions regarding buddypress and WCFM marketplace plugin integration. i already buy all your add-on but still i don’t have any answer??

      can you please answer me ?!


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