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    To replicate:

    1. create only 1 vendor site with products allocated by admin to vendor.

    2. Go to user –> delete vendor

    3. Bug: All products lose the add to cart button even thou no vendor is allocated to the product.

    4. Allocate new vendor to old products which have no vendor after vendor deletion.

    5. Bug: Product still has no add to cart.

    In short, old vendor products cannot be allocated to new vendors. Also, admin cannot sell old vendor products. Duplicating them does not help either.


    1. When vendor account is deleted, why are vendor products not deleted?

    2. For some cases, admin will want old vendor products to remain since some admins create own products and allocates to vendors to stay. Hence, this option should be there to choose what to do?

    Either way, I reported this since vendor products cannot be allocated to others since no add to cart.

    Personally I wanted old vendor account products to go to admin or to a new vendor which I would allocate manually to each product. How to achieve this?

    Possible resolution:

    1. Introduce option: “What happens to vendor products on account deletion”


    A. Products go to admin and new vendor can be added manually or admin sells them.
    B. Delete all vendor products on account deletion
    C. All vendor products remain as draft
    D. Product remains visible but no possible to buy (Present scenario and acceptable to some)

    Update: I created new vendor and allocated old vendor data to new vendor. All products now showed new vendor instead of deleted vendor. But the add to cart button is missing. As admin we see the product as published. However, when I logged in as vendor, I saw the products were saved as drafts. I successfully re-published the drafts and the add to cart appeared back. So, the only issue is the anomaly in status shown to admin and shown to vendors. I will post more updates later when I get more info from my tests.


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    Update: How I managed to migrate old products to new vendor.

    The trick is to not delete old vendor.

    1. Create new vendor account.
    2. Go to admin, marketplace –>products
    3. Select products to migrate and use bulk editor to change store.
    4. Disable old vendor account. Maybe delete? (not tested delete yet).

    Then the bug can be avoided. Hope this helps other users. If you delete old vendor, then above bug might and will buy you as per my experience.


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    For delete vendor account, you have to go to the admin dashboard -> users then delete the specific account(/wp-admin/users.php).


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    I think you mis-understood the bug. Delete is easy. But the consequences are buggy.

    I never had any issue deleting. I have issues with what is happening after. Please read carefully.

    Thank you

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    I also have the same requirement.

    For suppose I have created a store and just want to add a new vendor to that store, It seems quite impossible.

    We can delete the vendors and reassign them but yet will have lot of work to reassign the products to a new store. (But what if the store address have to be the same but a different user is vendor to that store, like just making other user as vendor to the store).

    Hope I was clear with the issue.

    Thanks in advance.

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