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    Lets have a built-in wallet system that automatically collects all vendors and affiliates’ earnings. That will also allow vendors to offer cashback to their customers – when adding products or apply to all vendor products – (credited to the customers’ wallet).

    I don’t really like the idea of using third party plugins with limited features or compatibilities.

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    This will also allow vendors to pay membership fees or ad fees directly to admin without adding a credit card. Vendors can even set to auto-renew membership from wallet balance. All these transactions will appear in ledger so the vendor will know how he is spending earnings.

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    Thanks for sharing your views and idea, as of now our system is compatible with third party plugin such as tera-wallet, and it should work well. But we respect your opinion and we take this into consideration.

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    I’m also using TeraWallet as it is what WCFM says compatible with WCFM Marketplace. It is very limited and lacks features and I requested a simple feature update that would become very helpful to their own app but I was quoted for $125 instead. The feature that I’ve requested was to have a product level override for cashback. I set the TeraWallet for Product Category of 2% cashback and wanted an option to override on product level (WCFM membership subscription product) to set the cashback to 0% so that the vendors subscribing to membership don’t get 2% cashback. I too think it would be really nice (even as a paid addon plugin) for WCFM to develop their own digital wallet system that’s 100% compatible with WCFM and accomodate all features that’s needed by the marketplace.

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