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      Is there a way to import a list of vendors? I see I can import products but don’t find the same


    • #139306

      You can get it by clicking on the CSV option as shown below ( or attached):

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    • #139340

      When I click on csv it downloads the file doesn’t allow me to upload one

    • #139508

      Oh In see, well this isn’t provided by default, however it can be done by creating a custom-addon, by the way what are the fields you want to be imported?

    • #139520

      well I have 15.000 records and I would like to turn them into basic vendors: https://www.ioeilmiocane.it/servizi-per-cani/

      My idea is to import all them and to let users search for vendors based on the merchant category. To give you an example the user could search for:

      – vets
      – pet shop
      – groomer
      – breeder

      and based on their search they will have a list of all them

      It means that when a new vendors submits his activity he will choose from a dropdown what he does.

      This is the standard. And of course there is an exception: the breeder. In this case I would also need to relate the breeder to one (or more) breeds.

      Let’ say I am a breeder and I want to sign in. I will check the type of activity and then which breeds I have, like:

      – australian sheperd
      – pug
      – …

      Hope it makes sense

Viewing 4 reply threads
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