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Cant Get WooCommerce Appointments to work

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    Hi Guys

    I have been pulling my hair out with this. I cannot get this plugin to work

    After installing WooCommerce Appointments, the admin of the site can create an appointment based product.

    Vendors with no staff cannot create appointments

    If I add a staff member to a vendor whose membership is limited to X amount of products, the newly created staff member is able to create an unlimited amount of products!! (along with appointments)

    How do I get this to work so that

    1. Vendors with no staff can add appointment based products.

    2. If a vendor has added staff members, and the vendor’s account is limited to 100 products, for example, then the sum total of products added to the vendors account cannot be greater than 100, staff members should not be able to add unlimited amount of products to the site.

    Please advise guys, perhaps I am overlooking something but

    All groups have got booking enabled, and each membership has a corresponding group to handle the capacity management


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