Can't select a payment option on membership/plan page (WCFM Stripe Split Pay)

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Multi Vendor Marketplace Plugin | WCFM Marketplace Forums WCFM – Marketplace (WooCommerce Multivendor Marketplace) Can't select a payment option on membership/plan page (WCFM Stripe Split Pay)

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      Ellen Kronen


      I have WCFM + ultimate + staff modules installed (along with Woo and everything else I needed) and intend using it on two separate marketplace sites. These two sites are essentially the same but for different purposes.

      In a nutshell, both sites are commission zero, monthly subscription to sign up for a store – three different levels depending on size of store, with payments direct to vendors (split pay).

      1. works but as soon as you get to the payment option page you CAN’T actually click the radio button. It did originally work (screenshot 1), but now it doesn’t (screenshot 2). You can sign up for a free store and you can buy products in the stores – I’ve tested this and also tested the refund process and it works.

      2. works as well but you CAN click the radio button and proceed to pay (screenshot 3). Haven’t yet tested purchasing something in the store/s but no reason to think it won’t work per (1).

      I’ve literally gone through both sites and they match setup/plugins/same versions/same themes. Everything is the same. But vendors can pay a subscription in one market place, but not the other. I’ve reinstalled, I’ve setup new stripe accounts, I’ve literally gone through the setups page by page.

      I’ve been tearing my hair out trying to solve this. I would appreciate some clues as to what to look for with this as I’m now at a point that I’m going to have to offer stores for free for a longer than desired period of time until I get the Made in Lismore (which is the first one to be launched) which is unsustainable.

      Your urgent advice will be most appreciated.

      Kind regards

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    • #122077
      Ellen Kronen


      Any chance of a reply to this one please?

      Many thanks

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