Capabilites per Group and/or membership

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      I have posted a similar question in other part of the forum, but since I have just bought this addon I will post my situation here.

      I need to set up different capabilities for different users which have different Memberships. Now that i Bought groups&staff addon I would like to achieve 2 things:

      Have users with specific membership be automatically part of an existing Group, and Have *specific Vendor capabilities* depending on the group (or the membership)

      Please let me know how I can Achieve this. I offer different memberships and depending on the membership the vendors must have different capabilities.

      Thank you

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      That’s great,now you have WCFM – Groups & Staffs as well.

      Let me first tell you how WCFM Membership + WCFM – Groups & Staffs works –

      1. You have to create a “Group” for each Membership plan
      2. You can set totally custom capability rules for each “Groups”
      3. Now, assign that group with the membership plan under “capability” tab
      4. You are done as basic setup, now when a vendor subscribe to a membership they automatically associated with that group
      5. Now just create “group” for each membership plan and associate with, existing vendors for that membership automatically associated with that group as well.

      Thank You

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      Easy and smooth.

      Thank you

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      Fantastic 🙂

Viewing 3 reply threads
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