Category limit not working

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      Under Groups I have a Basic group which has the category limit set to 3. Under Categories I have selected 3 categories. However, the seller who is part of this group seems to be able to post products in additional categories. See attached screenshot.

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      Are you using only WCfM – Groups & Staffs or also have WCfM Ultimate?

      If you don’t have WCfM Ultimate then add this function to your site –

      function wcfmcap_allowed_taxonomies_custom( $allow, $taxonomy, $term_id ) {
      	$wcfm_capability_options = apply_filters( 'wcfm_capability_options_rules', get_option( 'wcfm_capability_options', array() ) );
      	if( $taxonomy == 'product_cat' ) $taxonomy = 'categories';
      	$allowed_taxonomies    = ( !empty( $wcfm_capability_options['allowed_' . $taxonomy] ) ) ? $wcfm_capability_options['allowed_' . $taxonomy] : array();
      	if( is_array( $allowed_taxonomies ) && !empty( $allowed_taxonomies ) ) {
      		if( !in_array( $term_id, $allowed_taxonomies ) ) {
      			$allow = false;
      	return $allow;
      add_filter( 'wcfm_allowed_taxonomies', 'wcfmcap_allowed_taxonomies_custom', 450, 3 );

      Category filtering is a core feature for WCfM Ultimate. But with this function it will work without WCfM Ultimate as well.

      Thank You

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      Thank you

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