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      Hi WC Lover Team!

      I’ve a question about interaction between PayPal Payments and Order Status Change.

      Using your precious suggestions, I configured my Multivendor marketplace for use a Single Vendor Checkout.
      This way each Vendor can receive direct payments from Customers (using your Direct PayPal Plugin).

      Everithing works really fine:
      – a customer pay for products from a single Store using Paypal
      – payments are directly received to the Vendor

      But order is not updateted automatically. Order status is still “Processing”

      Looking at Woocommerce Logs (Woocommerce -> status -> Logs) I can see a really good flow except for the last line:

      2020-04-23T15:25:39+00:00 INFO Checking IPN response is valid
      2020-04-23T15:25:42+00:00 INFO Received valid response from PayPal IPN
      2020-04-23T15:25:42+00:00 INFO Marketplace Direct PayPal IPN Check
      2020-04-23T15:25:42+00:00 INFO Found order #4874
      2020-04-23T15:25:42+00:00 INFO Payment status: completed
      2020-04-23T15:26:23+00:00 INFO Checking IPN response is valid
      2020-04-23T15:26:26+00:00 INFO Received valid response from PayPal IPN
      2020-04-23T15:26:26+00:00 INFO Marketplace Direct PayPal IPN Check
      2020-04-23T15:26:26+00:00 INFO Found order #4874
      2020-04-23T15:26:26+00:00 INFO Payment status: completed
      2020-04-23T15:26:26+00:00 INFO Aborting, Order #4874 is already complete.

      I can’t understand why it sais this because order is still on “Processing”

      If this can help you giving a response:
      – I checked “Order Sync” in “WCFM Settings -> Marketplace”
      – I checked “Request Auto Approve” in “WCFM Settings -> Withdrawal”
      – “Withdrawal Mode” drop down is set to “By order status”
      – “Order status” dropdown is set to “Processing”

      Thank you in advice for the reply and for you hard and good work on this software (i’m a software developer too, so I can understand)

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      Peter Gnau

      I have the same problem.
      Any reply on this?

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