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Commission per vendor in the same Cart

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      Hi there,

      I’ve just put on 3D Secure with Stripe Split Payement, I’ve just updated commissions in oder to adjust commissions per vendor.

      Here is what I did :
      Order : 5€ or less
      Fixed : 0,10 €
      Commission : 6%

      Order : More than 5€
      Fixed : 0,30 €
      Commission : 2%

      In the same cart I have :
      Product A (from Vendor A) : 2 €
      Product B (from Vendor B) : 15 €

      Commissions for Vendor B are OK : 0,30 + 0,30 € (15×2%) = 0,60 €
      Commissions for Vendor A are NOT OK : 0,30 € + 0,04 € (2×2%) = 0,34 €… While I was waiting for : 0,10 + 0,12 (3×6%) = 0,22€

      So, what I’ve understood is that the commission rule applied was due to the global cart amount and not the Vendor Global Amount in the Cart… Is there any way to apply a rule depending on the Global Vendor Amount for each order ?


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Viewing 1 reply thread
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