Commission settlement slams not clear, gives us different value

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Multi Vendor Marketplace Plugin | WCFM Marketplace Forums WCFM – Marketplace (WooCommerce Multivendor Marketplace) Commission settlement slams not clear, gives us different value

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      Juan Echeverri

      Good afternoon, we are already finishing implementing the WCFM marketplace but we are stuck with commissions. we simply try to understand how the system generates and settles commissions but does not give us anywhere.

      I’m going to explain how I set up my WCFM and how commissions should be taken out and how much I owe the clothing brand in this case

      Marketplace: Lefem
      Allied Brand: Clothing and Accessories

      “Basic Plan” – on this plan we have been testing
      Commission for Administrator: It is not very clear the information of the tutorials, I assume that the commission is for us the administrators and the configured values is what we charge the customer, the differential value of the (tax sale) – (commission tax)

      Membership – Free
      Collection type: Fixed percentage
      Percentage: 23.99%
      Fixed: $4,500 COP

      I will expose a specific case that we have in the system to evaluate.

      Shop: Blunua
      Product: Bracelet Two Moons
      Quantity: 3
      Unit Price: $46,000
      Total: $138,000
      VAT 19% sale: $26,220
      Order Total: $164,220 COP

      So far everything goes very well now I will show the commission settlement as it should be or as it is our accountant.

      Base Commission Value: $138,000 (before VAT)
      Percent 23.99%: $33,106.20
      Fixed $4,500 x 3 products: $13,500
      Total Commission: $4Total Commission: $4 6,606.20
      VAT 19%: $8,855.18
      Total commission payment: $55,461.38 COP

      Lefem collects the money and returns to the company the difference value after deducting the commission.

      Sell Value: $164,220 COP
      Commission value: $55,461.38 COP
      Total to consign to brand clothing: $108,758.62

      We have made this formula with multiple purchases and it is always different from the one that gives us the WCFM system.

      WFCM Liquidation

      Order 6918
      Store: Blunua
      Product: Two Moons Bracelet
      Quantity: 3
      Unit price: $46,000
      Total: $138,000
      VAT 19% sale: $26,220
      Total order: $164,220 COP

      Line Total $138.000,00
      Tax $26.220,00
      Shipping $0,00
      Shipping Tax $0,00

      Gross Earning $131.100,30
      IVA (19%) -$24.909,06
      Total Earning $106.191,24
      Withdrawal Charges $0,00
      Paid Amount $106.191,24

      The system says the commission is $58,028.76

      We haven’t been able to know where the values come from $131,100.30 and because the VAT is subtracted – $24,909.06

      They could explain in detail how to settle the commissions so that they can better understand the system. No value matches the manual settlement that we do in basic excel

      Question: The value of $106,191.24 is the value to be consigned to the company or brand affiliated to the Marketplace, The Lefem commission collection invoice is not issued directly from the platform?

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      Juan Echeverri

      Sale $150,000
      TAX 19% sale: $28,500
      Total sale: $178,500

      Base commission: $150,000
      Commission 20%: $30,000
      TAX 19% Commission: $5,700
      Total commission: $35.700  
      The customer i must resign $178,500 – $35,700 = $142,800 and not $120,285 as shown by the system  

      The commission tax is $30,000 and not $148,500 as the system is currently taking out.  

      The mistake is that you’re taking the TAX  out of the total sale subtraction fee $178,500 minus my commission. $30, 000. (it’s wrong) should be from my $30,000 commission and then subtract it from the value of $148,500  

      Base commission: $150,000
      Commission 20%: $30,000
      TAX 19% Commission: $5,700
      Total commission: $35,700  

      Full commission operation  

        Total sales: $150,000
      +IVA 19% sale $28,500 
      =Total sale: 178,500
      -Commission $30,000 ($150,000 x 20% commission)
      =Gross profit: $148,500
      -VAT (19%) commission: $5,700 ($30,000 x 19% VAT)
      =Total $142,800

      NO $120.285 Current system

      Please check this with a financier. This can create big problems with customers  

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      Hi Juan! I have a similar problem with my marketplace commission. Do they gave you a solution? Thanks!

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