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      I have some problems with the management of commissions / taxes following a few tests:
      1 ° I can’t understand what the options “Taxes go to Seller” and “Enable Commission Tax Setting” on Commission Settings tab correspond to (when I act on it nothing happens, no change of commission or charge for withdrawals).
      2 ° Condition:
      A vendor buy a product 100 €, on this product is applied: ((A) Admin commission 10%) + ((B) the cost of withdrawal which corresponds to the PayPal tax 0.35 € + 2.9% of the product) + ((C) 20% of commission tax + PayPal tax).
      A = 10 €
      B = 3.25 €
      C = 2.65 €
      Question 1: Is this scenario possible knowing that there are many types of administrator commissions possible? (10%, 15%, 20%) if yes how?
      Question 2: Is it possible to add the paypal + Tax fees to the customer during the purchase (100 € + B + C = 100 € + 5.9 € at the purchase time) if yes how?
      Thank you for your help, I did not find a similar subject on the forum …

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