Complete bug since this morning, store manager broken

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      Since I got back to work on my website this morning, as soon as I validate my changes from the frontend manager (store manager), the plugin breaks and I get a blank screen like if I had no database.
      I managed to restore it to my night’s hosting backup, but each time I just press the saving button, even with no changes it breaks again.

      Yesterday it worked fine. I just installed “Booster for Woocommerce” in the meantime but didn’t activate nothing on it (kept it for today). Now I’ve tried removing it, backing up, but it doesn’t solve the issue.

      Do you have any idea of what I could do?
      Thank you…

      (Again, best of luck with the current events you are facing in Asia)

    • #135016

      When I compare the differences in content between my original database and the new one after I saved my settings (with no change) on the store manager, I notice something curious :

      Original (good) one :

      1060, 'wc_frontend_manager_page_id', '', 'yes'),
      (1061, 'wcfm_page_options', 'a:3:{s:27:\"wc_frontend_manager_page_id\";s:0:\"\";s:30:\"wcfm_vendor_membership_page_id\";s:2:\"48\";s:32:\"wcfm_vendor_registration_page_id\";s:2:\"49\";}', 'yes'),

      After simply saving the changes :

      1060, 'wc_frontend_manager_page_id', '47', 'yes'),
      (1061, 'wcfm_page_options', 'a:3:{s:27:\"wc_frontend_manager_page_id\";s:2:\"47\";s:30:\"wcfm_vendor_membership_page_id\";s:2:\"48\";s:32:\"wcfm_vendor_registration_page_id\";s:2:\"49\";}', 'yes'),

      I’m far from being an expert, why would “47” disappear?

    • #135045

      I think I just solved my problem by unselecting the store-manager as a the account page, from the Woocommerce settings.
      That’s a change I made yesterday, I shouldn’t have.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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