Coupon calculation error

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      I have found some major mistakes in your coupon calculation codes.

      I created a membership specific commission plan (Recurring) and ticked : Commission after consider Vendor Coupon? Checked (Screenshot 1)

      Commission on global level was left unchecked. (Screenshot 2)

      Then I passed an order worth 100 Euros and vendor coupon of 1 %. Commission is 2% and vendor got 2 Euros. But with the above settings, he was supposed to get 1.98 Euros . (screenshot 3) (Admin 1% coupon used too)

      I then tested my making global setting: Commission after consider Vendor Coupon? Checked (It was unchecked before) (Screenshot 4)

      Now, the next test gave commission of 1.98 (Screenshot 5)

      Issue 1 : How come membership specific setting was not being respected ? Global level has less priority but test showed otherwise.

      Then, I passed another order with a vendor from a different membership plan (Free plan) and applied 2 vendor coupons (One from each vendor).

      Vendor 2 now got wrong commission of 2 Euros. (Screenshot 6)

      Issue: Admin has to pay for vendor commission even if setting is saying otherwise. Adding other vendor products in same order triggering this.

      I have passed a lot of orders and this is a BIG issue. Can others confirm pls.

      Free level membership plan is not showing error. Only when products from paid membership vendors are added, the free level is showing same error.

      To replicate:

      Create 2 vendors–1 in the free and 1 in the paid plan

      Global settings: Commission to admin, none of the two settings checked.(Commission after consider Vendor Coupon? and Commission after consider Admin Coupon?)
      Paid Membership level commission : 2%, free level -9%
      vendor1 coupon 1%
      Vendor2 coupon 2%
      admin coupon 1 % is also used but can be left out to obtain below results

      1. Pass free plan vendor 1 product order worth $100 and use vendor coupon 1% test will be ok.
      2. Pass paid plan plan vendor 2 product order worth $100 and use vendor coupon 1% test will fail and admin will pay for the 1% coupon
      3. Change global settings and check ‘Commission after consider Vendor Coupon?’ Checked
      4. Pass vendor 2 order again and this time it wil be ok
      5. Pass order with both vendor 1 and vendor 2 products . Test will fail and again admin will end up paying

      Something is wrong in your codes guys. Can you confirm.

      Thanks and please reply fast as any real order will mean I end up paying for vendor discount!!

      Have a nice evening ahead.

      Best Regards,

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      Screenshot from other vendors

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