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      I’m building a marketplace site and am crazy about your amazing plugins.

      I used to use other paid multi-vendor plug-ins and front-end dashboards, but I switched because I found your awesome plug-ins. (Even though the previous plug-in subscription period still exists!)

      Now, in my marketplace, I want the vendor to automatically send a follow-up email to the customer after the vendor sells their product (Downloadable & Bookable).

      The content of the email sent can be edited by the vendors themselves.

      I found that using the following plug-ins, I can apply what I want to do to simple products. However, it cannot be used for Booking Products. Also, WCFM Marketplace and WCFM Ultimate don’t support this plug-in, right?

      Woo Custom Emails Per Product

      In addition, I found that using Woocommerce Follow-Ups, this could also be achieved for Bookable Products.

      However, like the previous plug-in, WCFM Marketplace and WCFM Ultimate don’t support this plug-in, right?

      Are there any plans for WCFM Marketplace and WCFM Ultimate to support Woocommerce Follow-Ups?

      From a marketing perspective, many vendors want to send different follow-up emails for each product. This is especially true for Bookable Products. So many marketplace owners want to do this. Do you have any good ideas for realizing these features?

      Best regards,
      Sho Amano

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      Oops! Is it just possible to use Woocommerce’s “Purchase note” function…?

    • #77460
      WCFM Forum

      Yeah right!

      WCFM extend this one more step, vendor may add attachment with this notes as well –

      Thank You

    • #77580

      As I thought!

      Thank you for additional information!
      This is a great feature!


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      WCFM Forum

      You are always welcome 🙂

      Let me know if there’s anything else we can help you with.
      Can we ask for a favor? Would you mind taking a few minutes to review our plugin at WordPress and let others know about your 5 Star experience with WCFM Marketplace. Also, follow us on Twitter @wcfmmp for more exciting news, important updates, and irresistible offers.

    • #82548

      Why are there no notes on orders?

    • #82831
      WCFM Forum


      Orders Note section comes with WCFM Ultimate

      Thank You

Viewing 6 reply threads
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