Delivery calculated by meters traveled

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      Robo Kopy

      Hello I’m from Brazil. I am currently setting up my marketplace to work with local deliveries made by delivery guys. My suggestion for a resource would be to implement another delivery method such as: Delivery calculated by meters traveled.

      Something like this: Each store would define a shipping cost based on the following options

      – Cost per kilometer / meter delivered by bike = 0.30

      – Cost per kilometer / meter delivered by motorcycle = 0.50

      – Cost per kilometer / meter delivered by car = 0.80

      – Cost per kilometer / meter delivered by truck = 1.30

      Below each of these options the shopkeeper would place the conditions.

      Up to 2000 meters and up to 20 kilos – delivery by bike

      Over 2000 meters and up to 20 kilos – delivery by motorcycle

      Above 2000 meters and between 21 to 200 kilos – delivery by car

      Above 2000 meters and above 200 kilos – delivery by truck

      The calculation basis would be the store address by the buyer’s address, based on information from GoogleMaps

      At the time of CheckOut, depending on the address and weight of the goods purchased, the user would obtain the freight cost. Or even have free shipping.

      The shopkeeper could also choose the mileage he delivers. Like, the delivery radius of the XYZ store is only 20 kilometers.

      In my case, I’m working with small neighborhood businesses, this type of freight calculation for delivery would be ideal.

      I ask you to look carefully at this request.


Viewing 0 reply threads
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