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Multi Vendor Marketplace Plugin | WCFM Marketplace Forums WCFM – Ultimate DELIVERY COST VAT NOT BEING ADDED IN THE CART

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    • #113132

      I have an issue with the VAT calculation in the cart.

      When I choose “zone shipping” method, the delivery cost VAT is being added in the cart as it should be and the total VAT amount shows correctly at the bottom of the cart.

      Zone shipping screenshot here (desired setup):
      The gross price of the product is 10 and the net delivery cost is 1. The system adds VAT to the delivery cost, hence 1.23 in the cart. Below is the total cost of the purchase and in brackets correct VAT amount from both, product and delivery.

      But when I change the shipping method to “delivery by country”, system omits the delivery charge VAT in the cart. Same for shipping by weight.
      Shipping by country screenshot here (incorrect setup):
      The gross price of the product is 10 (net 8.13) so VAT amount is 1.87. You can see that the net delivery charge is 1 and this is how it stays in the cart. Below is the total price and included VAT but this does not take the delivery VAT into consideration. I need the cart to show the VAT breakdown here in the same way as in the zone shipping method.

      Relevant settings:
      – product tax is set to both, product and the delivery,
      – marketplace commission settings are set to: shipping cost goes to vendor and tax goes to vendor

      Please let me know if I am missing some other important settings here or is it some kind of glitch.

      I look forward to hearing from you
      Thank you in advance

    • #114797
      WCFM Forum

      We will look in to this.

    • #116119

      I’m following this as I have a similar issue if “tax split” is turned of within germanized plugin.

    • #119967
      WCFM Forum


      We have test this and it’s working fine.

      Please be sure wp-admin -> WooCommerce -> Setting -> Shipping -> Marketplace Shipping by Country -> Tax Status set as “taxable” –

      Thank You

    • #120112

      I assume it’s working fine because “germanized plugin” was not activated, right?
      I step out of this post as there’s an extra one for this specific germanized issue:

Viewing 4 reply threads
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